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The Confluence logo is simple and two-dimensional, reflecting the idea of the computer program it represents. The concept of accessibility is very important for it, as this software is designed to facilitate the interaction of a group of people and collaborative work remotely within a single project. It features minimal elements, so nothing hinders the main message – ease of adaptation.

Confluence: Brand overview

Confluence is software designed for corporate management to improve internal knowledge exchange and collaborative work. It was created by the Australian software company Atlassian and adapted to all popular platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. The utility operates on Java and is available in 12 languages: English, Polish, Norwegian, Japanese, German, French, and others. The first version was released in the spring of 2004.

Meaning and History

Confluence Logo History

At its launch, the application aimed to facilitate the information management systems of enterprises, organizations, and other structures while maintaining simplicity and ease during collaborative work. After numerous improvements, the utility transformed into a powerful tool for integrated corporate activities and was adapted to other Atlassian digital products. Naturally, the software did not remain faceless and received its own logo, aptly conveying its purpose. The individual symbol demonstrates the advantages of using the software, ease of interaction between users, and openness to all popular platforms. Due to its minimalism, the emblem is equally well perceived on both large and small screens.

What is Confluence?

Confluence is software created by the Australian company Atlassian. It is designed to improve the collaboration of a group of people within a single project related to updating knowledge (similar to remote editing). The software was launched in 2004 and, as of 2023, is translated into 12 languages. The utility is compatible with operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

2004 – today

Confluence Logo

The Confluence logo is clearly divided into two parts. The first features an icon resembling two inverted semicircles. They are drawn with broad stripes, colored blue, and placed mirror-wise relative to each other. The shape of the curved lines is somewhat similar to handwritten extra-bold “l”s or “f”s without the top crossbar. The color is not uniform everywhere: there are lighter and darker areas, indicating the use of a gradient.

Adjacent to it is the program’s name, set predominantly in lowercase, except for the initial “C,” which remains uppercase. The letters are semi-bold, grotesque, and even. They have many curved elements and smooth height transitions, making the similarity between “n” and “u” quite noticeable. The “l” has a bend at the bottom, as if handwritten rather than typed. This makes the logo unique despite its standard style.

Font and Colors

Confluence Emblem

A font resembling Niveau Grotesk Regular by HVD Fonts is used for the textual part of the Confluence emblem. The letters are maximally rounded, smooth, and soft, creating a favorable impression. However, they also have angles that balance the excessive roundness. They evoke a sense of strength, dynamism, and decisiveness.

Confluence Symbol

The corporate palette is modest. It includes just two colors: graphite (black-gray) and various shades of blue. The gradient creates a modern and attractive look associated with innovative technologies.