Convert Tata Sky to Tata Play

Tata Play Logo

Among the providers of direct satellite broadcasting, the Indian company Tata Play, formerly Tata Sky, plays an important role in the broadcasting system of India. Founded in 2005, today it offers services using MPEG-4 digital compression technology, broadcasting a signal from two satellites – INSAT-4A and GSAT-10. A spin-off from Tata Sons and The Walt Disney Company, the brand now offers 601 SD and HD systems channels, with a wide range of other active services, serving 22 million subscribers. The company is currently the largest provider of DTH services. The brand is constantly expanding its capabilities, providing customers with new services. So in 2015, a contract was signed with the French Technicolor to start deliveries of 45K set-top boxes to the country for their customers. It is in the stage of constant development of the brand to reflect current changes and provide customers with complete information about their capabilities promptly. In addition, it was decided to change the trademark, which has served users for 15 years, due to the fundamental changes in the structure of the company and its strategy.

Tata Play New Logo

Tata Play has become a new icon in India for 23 million household owners with a visual overhaul. Bringing new energy and warmth to the general atmosphere of the community adding new entertainment, the brand makes the life of its customers even better. Using modern technologies to create new visualizations following modern trends, the company has become the country’s most beloved and authentic brand. Being at the forefront of change confirms its desire to always be the first in everything, both in applying new innovations and in providing new opportunities, creating advanced proposals. The new identity demonstrates success and growth prospects and its commitment to building the trust that millions of users express in companies.

Tata Play Symbol

The new style strategy of the company was built on the use of a rich heritage that helped inspire the next generation of users to decide on the need to join a single community with the company. The brand has managed to attract the attention of those who are successfully versed in modern digital technologies but need to increase spiritual and cultural “food.” A new vision of further prospects required a name change to reflect it more accurately, uniting the idea and purpose as a whole.

Tata Play Before and After Logo (History)