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The Crvena Zvezda logo is very symbolic. The emblem shows the heritage of the club and the presence of a predecessor in the world of sports. Both the past and the current teams are an association of star players, the best representatives of Serbian football.

Crvena Zvezda: Brand overview

Founded:4 March 1945
Belgrade, Serbia

Crvena Zvezda is a record holder of titles in Serbian football and an active member of Superliga Srbije. It is part of the same name’s multisport club, which was created in the last months of the Second World War by members of the Serbian United Antifascist Youth League.

Crvena Zvezda rose from the ashes of SK Jugoslavija, a pre-war organization that was abolished in 1945. It inherited the players, offices, stadium, official colors, and even an emblem from its predecessor. The club was initially called the Youth Physical Culture Society, but it was renamed Crvena Zvezda after much discussion.

Meaning and History

Crvena Zvezda Logo History

The star, which is mentioned in the football team’s name and is found on all its logos, has symbolized the communist ideology since 1917. The same sign was depicted on the national flag of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

What is Crvena Zvezda?

Crvena Zvezda is a Serbian professional football club that is part of the multi-sport organization Red Star. It is the most successful club in the Balkan region and Southeast Europe. The team has won numerous prestigious high-level championships, including the Intercontinental Cup and European Cup. It was founded in 1945 and is based in Belgrade.

1945 – 1948

Crvena Zvezda Logo 1945-1948

In 1945, Ministry for Sports adopted the club’s first emblem. A five-pointed star associated with the Communist Party of Yugoslavia became part of its identity. In front of her was a human figure, and in the background, there was a yellow circle with an orange frame and the inscription “F. D. CRVENA ZVEZDA “in Serbian.

1948 – 1971

Crvena Zvezda Logo 1948-1971

The designers placed the star on a triangular shield to make the logo consistent with football heraldry rules. In this case, one half of the symbol was on a red background, and the other – on a white. In the upper left corner were written the Cyrillic letters “ФК.”

1971 – 1988

Crvena Zvezda Logo 1971-1988

Yellow was added to the existing colors. It was used for outlines and abbreviations.

1988 – 1992

Crvena Zvezda Logo 1988-1992

After another redesign, the shades changed: light red became burgundy, and yellow – almost orange.

1992 – 1995

Crvena Zvezda Logo 1992-1995

The main colors of the new emblem are scarlet, white, and gold. The coat of arms now has a triple border, and the five-pointed star has a white outline.

1995 – 1998

Crvena Zvezda Logo 1995-1998

Following the collapse of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Crvena Zvezda Football Club adopted a logo that reflected the SFRY flag’s colors: blue, white, and red. The designers placed a shield with a star inside a circle divided into two parts. The right side was painted blue, while the left had ten red and white vertical stripes.

1998 – 2011

Crvena Zvezda Logo 1998-2011

In 1995, the club won its twentieth title, considering its victories in three leagues:

  • Yugoslav (when the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia existed)
  • Serbo-Montenegrin (during the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro)
  • Serbian (in the present Republic of Serbia )

In 1998, this event was marked on the emblem with two yellow stars above the circle.

2011 – 2012

Crvena Zvezda Logo 2011-2012

In the new millennium, Crvena Zvezda brought back the 1992-1995 logo, which has become a classic. The shield is reduced, and above it are two golden stars.

2012 – 2019

Crvena Zvezda Logo 2012-2019

To emphasize the club’s symbolism, the designers changed the scale of the elements: now the small stars are depicted above the large shield.

2019 – today

Crvena Zvezda Logo 2019-present

In 2019, the colors were brighter. A third star has been added at the top in honor of the thirty titles won.

Font and Colors

Crvena Zvezda Emblem

The football club played in three leagues, survived the war and the collapse of Yugoslavia, but retained its main symbol – the red five-pointed star. If it was the basis of his communist image at the very beginning, now political associations have disappeared. Crvena Zvezda is an independent sports brand, and its emblem is a unique sign that has nothing to do with the ideology of Karl Marx and his followers. However, it is completely similar to the logo that was created in 1948.

In the upper left corner of the shield is the abbreviation formed from the first two words of the club’s Serbian name: “Fudbalski klub Crvena Zvezda.” The developers chose a simple font from the sans serif category.

Crvena Zvezda inherited the official palette of its predecessor, SK Jugoslavija. It includes only two colors: red and blue. This is the same combination used for the emblem, aside from the gold stars and border.

Crvena Zvezda color codes

RedHex color:#fd010a
RGB:253 1 10
CMYK:0 100 96 1
Pantone:PMS 172 C
Bright YellowHex color:#ffb119
RGB:255 177 25
CMYK:0 31 90 0
Pantone:PMS 137 C