Dacia unveils new logo, which we will see already in 2022

Dacia Logo

The company hinted at updating one of the car models.

Dacia is a subsidiary of Renault that specializes in the production of budget cars. In 2021, the brand redefined its visual symbols and corporate color palette. The company plans to launch in the Australian market, and the new logo can decorate not only cars but also showrooms.

Dacia New Logo

The new brand symbol is made in connected C and D, which mirror each other. Dacia associates the emblem with chains, creating a strong bond. The logo was previously featured on the Dacia Bigster concept. The company has announced that it will gradually implement it into reality on official websites, brochures, and use for advertising. The color palette is complemented by updated shades: three earth-like colors (khaki, sand, and terracotta), vibrant orange, and green.

Dacia Emblem

Despite the new logo and corporate identity, Dacia’s values ​​remain unchanged: simple and reliable products at a good price. The first stage of rebranding involves the use of logos and colors on social networks. Further, in 2022, it will begin to be implemented in halls and physical stores, and from the second half of 2022, the new logo can be seen on cars.

On social media, Dacia has posted a short video with the new logo. In the video, you can see a new car model, which may soon be completely declassified.

Dacia Old and New Logo (history)