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Dallas Mavericks Logo

Dallas Mavericks Logo
Dallas Mavericks Logo PNG

The Dallas Mavericks Club was founded in 1980 in Dallas, Texas. Since its creation, the team has been located in Dallas. During the history of existence, players have never moved to another place. In 1980, at the NBA All-Star Game, the owners of the league voted to create and accept a new team to the National Basketball Association.

The fans chose the name Mavericks. The final choice was made among three names: Dallas Express, Wranglers, and Mavericks. As a result, the last option received the most support of voters. A group of 41 people who offered to name their home team as Mavericks received a couple of tickets for the opening match as a reward. One of the lucky ones, Carla Springer, said that the name of the team fully reflects the โ€œindependent, bright, eye-catching style of the people of Dallas.โ€

The name Mavericks and the nickname Cowboys are associated with the American comedy series in the western genre called Maverick. It was translated on television screens in the United States from 1957 to 1962. Actor James Garner, who played Bret Maverick, the main character of the series, was one of the co-owners of the club.

The evolution of the concept of Maverick is no less impressive than the Dallas championship in 2011. The term originally came from Samuel Maverick, a Texas landowner and one of the signatories of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Farmerโ€™s dissent was that he refused to stamp his cattle. Historians explain this decision by the lack of any interest in cattle breeding, rather than humanistic or innovative motives. Soon, people began to call the unbranded cattle as mavericks. Moreover, this name was given to independent people who were aimlessly wandering on the prairies.

Champ and Mavs Man are the mascots of the team.

Meaning and History

Dallas Mavericks Logo History
Evolution of the Dallas Mavericks Logo

The Texas rebel basketball team appeared relatively recently โ€“ in 1980. Over the 40 years of its existence, the Dallas Mavericks have changed four emblems. Moreover, all versions are in pairs: the first exactly repeats the second, and the third – the fourth. Thus, after 1981, the franchise had only one significant redesign, after which the team’s image completely changed.

1981 – 1993

Dallas Mavericks Logo 1980-1993

In 1980, the young Dallas Mavericks basketball team was born in Dallas, Texas. Before the owners of Dallas Mavericks liked the first logo, the designers redesigned it 77 times. The result is a simple yet emblematic drawing: a large blue “M” with a cowboy hat in the foreground and a green basketball in the background. The blue-green palette reflects the mood of the provincial North Texas landscape. On the right is the name of the club, written in white and outlined in white and green.

1994 – 2001

Dallas Mavericks Logo 1993-2001

In 1994, the emblem changed slightly. This mainly affected the color scheme: the shades became a little lighter, making the drawing not as “heavy” as before. The designers also modified the lettering by removing the outlines and choosing a standard italic serif font.

2002 – 2017

Dallas Mavericks Logo 2001-2017

In 2002, the team completely updated the logo. When a $ 280 million controlling stake was taken over by Cuban, the new owner decided to rebrand. This is how the Dallas Mavericks got a transformed logo. It included a silver triangular shield with a white five-pointed star in the lower corner, the words MAVERICKS in a blue frame, and a large circle that consisted of a blue basketball, a horse’s head, a white crescent with the word DALLAS.

2018 – present

Dallas Mavericks Logo 2017-present

In 2018, Dallas Mavericks logo developers only updated the colors. The latest redesign has resulted in the silvery color on the horse’s backboard and mane being darker, while the blue in the basketball and the frame around the lettering is slightly lighter.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Dallas Mavericks Emblem

One of the main elements of the Dallas Mavericks logo is the horse. It replaced the cowboy hat that the first team owner Donald Carter loved to wear. This image appeared for a reason and is associated with the nickname of the franchise. Literally, “Maverick” refers to an unmarked bull. But this word has another meaning, according to which it should be interpreted as “yearling.” So in North America, animals at the age of one or two years are sometimes called, especially foals.

Dallas Mavericks Symbol

For the inscription “DALLAS,” the font is sans serif. For MAVERICKS, the logo designers have come up with an individual typeface with rounded letters. This is very different from the standardized version that was current in 1994-2001. The color scheme also changed dramatically: in 2002, green was replaced by silver. It was complemented by navy blue, black and white.