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The Desigual logo offers a look at the world from the point of view of the owner of a fashionable bag from the brand. Feel how prestigious it is to have a unique and stylish accessory. The emblem evokes a desire to make a purchase.

Desigual: Brand overview

Founder:Thomas Meyer
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Desigual is a Spanish fashion brand for clothing, footwear, bags, and other accessories. A distinctive feature of products under this brand is bright and rich colors, embroidery, appliqués, ethnic motives. The word Desigual is translated from Spanish as “not like everyone else,” “unique,” “special.”

In 1984, when the brand was created, the couturier Thomas Meyer, originally from Switzerland, was only 20 years old. He lived in Barcelona and was fascinated by the vibrant colors of Spain’s nature and cities. This prompted Meyer to create an equally colorful collection of clothing for young people.

Until 2011, things were going well, but not very quickly. And that year, the management took an unprecedented and shocking step: it was reported that the first 100 visitors to the Desigual store, who come only in underwear, will be dressed from head to toe. The trick was that it was the Christmas holidays, and the temperature outside did not rise above +4 degrees. Nevertheless, almost 200 people came. They were all dressed up, and the company received a big and loud advertisement. The products sold out instantly, and I had to make another collection.

In the same year, the famous couturier Christian Lacroix was invited as the chief fashion designer, who brought a fresh stream to the design of bright models.

In 2013, Desigual entered the American market, where its bright clothes and comfortable shoes were hugely popular. Now the brand has more than 200 branded boutiques around the world while maintaining affordable youth prices.

Meaning and History

Desigual Logo History

Bright and juicy, like the brand’s clothing, the logo was created in 1984 by the fashion designer Thomas Meyer himself. He took a white sheet of paper as a basis and randomly placed bright spots on it with transparent watercolors. Desigual’s name and ® are written in the center in white. The letter “s” in the word is mirrored. Such an emblem, like nothing else, successfully reflected the essence of the collections under this sign.

In 2019, a large audit of the company’s activities was carried out to decrease sales and income. Experts found that buyers’ average age category has grown to 35-40, while young people are less interested in their products.

It was decided to change the approach towards more fashionable models among the youth and completely change the logo with a focus on the selfie craze. The emblem is now a black or dark blue plaque with the name in white letters, but the word is written backward. In the photographs, it just turns out right, unlike other trademarks. The letter “s” remained in the mirror filing.

This unconventional approach immediately attracted attention to the brand. Desigual today is a vivid example of how a company with a classic history responds to new realities promptly and renews itself. Also, black, white, and black and white models, which are very popular among young people, have appeared for the first time in the collection for 2020.

What is Desigual?

This is a representative of the fashion business, a manufacturer of shoes, clothes, and accessories. It is based in Barcelona and has several logistics centers abroad.

1984 – 2004

Desigual Logo 1984

The first logo of the Spanish clothing and footwear brand contained a defiant picture of naked people – obviously a hint that they needed to be dressed. They were caricatures of a man and a woman who stood holding hands in front of a red rectangle. Graphic designer Pere “Peret” Torrent emphasized their gender to make the image as provocative as possible. The naked couple symbolized complete freedom, not limited by the boundaries of society. The word “DESIGUAL” was written at the bottom in bold white letters, and “BARCELONA” below it in small print.

2004 – 2019

Desigual Logo 2004

In 2004, Desigual took the side of minimalism. So she got a simple wordmark with her name in bold sans-serif. Almost all black letters looked standard, with the exception of the “s,” which was written backward. She symbolized nonconformism, the desire to move away from traditions and generally accepted rules. The font was roughly similar to KyrillaSansSerif-Black Regular by Manfred Klein.

2019 – today

In June 2019, the brand updated its visual identity to express its position better. As a result of the evolution, the Desigual logo was turned backward so that the inverted “s” fit perfectly into the redesigned design. The mirror inscription remained black, and a round dot appeared at the end of the word (more precisely, on the left side because the “D” was on the right), symbolizing confidence and completeness.

Desigual: Interesting Facts

Desigual is a fun and colorful clothing brand from Barcelona, known for its lively designs and bright colors. It was started by Thomas Meyer in 1984 on the island of Ibiza. The brand stands out because it celebrates being different and unique.

  1. Ibiza’s Influence: Desigual’s idea came to Thomas Meyer while living in Ibiza. The island’s free-spirited vibe played a big role in shaping the brand’s first designs.
  2. What’s in a Name? Desigual means “different” in Spanish, at the heart of everything the brand does. They make clothes that help people show off their unique style.
  3. The First Jacket: Desigual started with a denim jacket made from pieces of old jeans. This not only showed off their unique style but also their interest in sustainable fashion.
  4. Happy Motto: Their slogan, “La Vida es Chula,” means “Life is Beautiful.” It’s all about seeing the bright side of life and sharing happiness through their clothes.
  5. Working with Artists: Desigual has teamed up with artists and designers like Christian Lacroix and Cirque du Soleil to add creativity to their collections.
  6. Worldwide Reach: What began as a small idea has grown big, with stores in over 100 countries, including cities like Barcelona, Paris, and New York.
  7. Fun Marketing: They’re famous for their unique marketing, like the “Semi-Naked Parties,” where the first 100 people in underwear get a free outfit, attracting attention.
  8. Stores That Pop: Shopping at Desigual is an experience, with stores designed to be as colorful and unique as the clothes they sell.
  9. Tech-savvy: Desigual is also exploring digital technologies like augmented reality to make shopping fun, whether online or in person.

Desigual has come a long way from its beginnings in Ibiza. It’s now a global brand that stands out for its positive vibe and distinct designs.

Font and Colors

Desigual Symbol

Because Desigual thinks the familiar is boring, they chose a standard typeface and placed it unusually. The first “oddity” is the inverted “s” incorrectly typed text. The second is the opposite word that is read from right to left. In both cases, the sleek, grotesque Helvetica Neue font is used with individual elements.

The official logo’s color scheme is monochrome and includes black letters on a white or gray backing. Depending on the design, the inscription may be accompanied by bright background colors.

Desigual color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

Why is the Desigual logo backwards?

Desigual has flipped the logo backward to show its unconventional approach to fashion. She decided to go down in brand history as a daring experimenter.

Is Desigual a real brand?

From a marketing and market standpoint, Desigual is a brand. However, the company’s official website indicates that this is not a brand but just a creative group of people.

What happened to Desigual?

Desigual is doing well – it continues to exist and release new collections.

What country is Desigual from?

The company is headquartered in Barcelona (Spain).