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Although it’s a fashionable brand, the Dickies logo doesn’t look like a typical clothing label. It’s more rugged and substantial, associated with anything but fashion. This impression is formed at first glance at the emblem. However, the concept becomes clear later: the products are enveloped in softness and impress with reliable quality because they are designed for service personnel and, consequently, for intensive use.

Dickies: Brand overview

Dickies is an American brand of specialized clothing, producing a wide range of products for workers in healthcare, construction, agriculture, hospitality, and the automotive business, as well as for many other sectors. It offers uniforms, lab coats, jackets, shirts, shorts, trousers, and overalls of various types, supplying to most countries worldwide. The trademark was launched by Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co., founded by cousins C. N. Williamson and E. E. “Colonel” Dickie in 1922. The head office is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Meaning and History

Dickies Logo History

Initially, the successful entrepreneurs were involved in commercial activities for a quarter of a century, trading hats in the southwest of Texas. In 1918, the salesmen, along with a group of other individuals, opened the Overall Company. In 1922, Col. Dickie, C. D. Williamson, and his father, C. N. Williamson, bought out their friends’ shares, becoming the sole owners of the business. To emphasize this, they renamed the company Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company. Only the second part of the name has survived to this day, forming the basis for the logo.

Now, the world’s number one workwear manufacturer is very different from its initial form. Movie stars, models, rappers, and hip-hop artists gladly wear its products, turning them into a cult attribute instantly recognizable by the horseshoe on the tag. This emblem conveys the brand name (the horseshoe resembles a “D”), as well as the hard work, resilience, and spirit of the American people.

The visual identity of the sewing and trading manufacturer represented not only the sign on the building but also the label on the clothes. Thus, the emblem became a trademark, signifying the original origin of the product.

What is Dickies?

Dickies is a well-known brand of specialized clothing, supplying not only the USA but many countries worldwide. Its range includes uniforms for workers in the medical, agricultural, automotive, hospitality, construction, and other sectors. Recently, it has also been involved in the release of capsule collections. The trademark belongs to the Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co. sewing enterprise, founded in 1922 by cousins C. N. Williamson and E. E. “Colonel” Dickie. Its headquarters are located in Fort Worth, Texas. There are also several additional offices in different regions of the world, as it has become an international company, present in over 100 countries.

1920 – 1930s

Dickies Logo 1920

The old Dickies logo is preserved as a label on clothing, embroidered with white and dark burgundy threads. It has a distinctive rectangular shape with rounded sides and is decorated with a wide ornamental border. In the center is the inscription “Dickie’s Best,” executed in an elegant font with varied letter heights. Above it, the company’s name and location are indicated: “Williamson-Dickie” in the first line and “Fort Worth, Texas” in the second. Additional product information is included at the bottom. The image’s texture resembles dense fabric, emphasizing the emblem’s vintage spirit.

1930s – 1940s

Dickies Logo 1930s

The logo from this era features a simplified style and an asymmetrical shape. All the lines that make it up do not have perfectly smooth edges: they are uneven, shaky, with blurring contours. Therefore, the burgundy word “Dickie’s,” located in the center, appears hand-written. The same goes for the phrase “Fort Worth,” but in this case, the designers tried to imitate a rectangular font. The brand name is placed in a slightly curved yellow ellipse outlined by a burgundy stripe. A large black rectangle serves as the background. Due to the gradient, the letters appear voluminous and resemble clay.

1940s – 2005

Dickies Logo 1940s

Dickies clothing was long adorned with a two-level inscription, “Dickie’s Guaranteed.” The first word is typed in neat semi-bold italic, and the second in a straight sans-serif font. The letters in the bottom line are so thin that they are indistinct on small labels. The phrase is embroidered with golden threads on a dark brown background and surrounded by a decorative frame whose side parts look like ropes. The emblem became a trademark, signifying the original origin of the product.

2005 – today

Dickies Logo

The Dickies logo is a combination of graphic and text elements, perfectly merging the drawing and inscription to form a harmonious composition. The central element is a parallelogram with rounded corners, colored in dark blue, and containing the name of the fashion brand in the central part. The bold letters are serifed and colored in white. They are predominantly lowercase, smooth, slanted, and geometric. The background features a red oval with a yellow horseshoe, symbolizing:

  • The company’s territorial affiliation (Texas, where horse breeding is common);
  • The original application of the workwear (initially, the factory made overalls for livestock breeders and farmers);
  • The trademark (the horseshoe looks like the first letter of the name, stylized as “D”).

A single common frame unites all elements of the emblem. It’s thin and ornate, following the contours of the two geometric elements.

Font and Colors

Dickies Symbol

The inscription in the Dickies logo is set in bold, lowercase font. Its closest analog is Rockwell Std Bold Italic, designed by Frank Pierpont and published by Monotype. The geometric glyphs are designed with rectangular serifs, solidly connected to them.

Dickies Emblem

The brand palette includes dark blue, raspberry red, and sunny yellow – bright and warm colors. Together, they create a positive atmosphere, attracting new fans of practical clothing that confidently entered the trend.

Dickies color codes

Indigo DyeHex color:#004877
RGB:0 72 119
CMYK:100 39 0 53
Pantone:PMS 541 C
LavaHex color:#d50021
RGB:213 0 33
CMYK:0 100 85 16
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Tangerine YellowHex color:#ffcb00
RGB:255 203 0
CMYK:0 20 100 0
Pantone:PMS 7549 C