Drooling Emoji

Drooling Emoji

The Drooling Emoji 🤤 is a somewhat enigmatic symbol, and before using it, one should understand its meaning. This sign was added to Unicode 9.0 in 2016 under the code U+1F924.

To insert the emoji into text on a computer, use the combination of Alt and the code on the numeric keypad 129316.

Meaning and use of the Drooling Emoji

Drooling Face Emoji

When encountering an adult drooling, it often conveys an association with physical and mental unwellness. However, few would use the emoji in this sense. An emoji is a tool for conveying emotions, albeit in a lighter, more humorous, and joyful manner. Mocking or hinting at an unhealthy person in a joking tone is unacceptable.

Therefore, in most cases, the Drooling Emoji has a metaphorical meaning. It embodies laughter and kind humor. What might it signify?

  • Salivation is a reaction to food. Hence, the emoji is a self-mockery in terms like: “I’m hungry as a beast,” and “I’m dying of hunger.”
  • In this case, a person associates themselves with direct and naive four-legged friends. A dog’s protruding tongue and drooling, devoted look seem to say: “Please, give me that piece,” “Buy it for me,” and “Let’s go there.”
  • Compliment to culinary skills. “Amazing cake, I’m already drooling, can’t wait to try it,” “I could swallow that meat along with the plate.”
  • A baby. In infants up to 1.5 years old, drooling is common while teething. The emoji can directly indicate a small child.
  • Excitement, strong desire for something. When a person experiences intense emotional excitement, many hormones are released into the bloodstream, which can cause excessive fluid secretion. Being absorbed, wrapped up in the desire to possess something, a person might forget to “breathe” and “swallow.” This applies to both sexual desire and the desire for an object, position, or money. People often say about someone in this state: “he’s drooling over it.”
  • The emoji speaks of dog-like loyalty.
  • Fatigue, overload. Another animal association. Under heavy strain, animals breathe heavily, and the tongue turns to the side as if lying on the shoulder, dripping saliva. Hence the expression “my tongue is on my shoulder.” It’s used when the load is too great or when one has to run around all day without stopping.
  • A very drunk person. Inebriated individuals lose control over their bodies.
  • Deep sleep. When a person sleeps soundly, they might drool on the pillow.

Drooling Emojis

Among friends, the symbol can be a tease, a light jab at someone who overly demonstrates their weaknesses or fascination with something or someone. Simultaneously, the Drooling Emoji can be a call: “stop drooling,” meaning “stop crying, complaining, feeling sorry for yourself,” or “stop running after him/her like a loyal dog.” It’s a demand to sober up and behave with dignity. Correct understanding of the sign depends on the context of the message or the emojis used alongside it.

Final thoughts

The primary meaning of the Drooling Emoji is intense desire. The person sending it really wants something: food, an object, or you. Usually, the image does not carry a negative meaning, but it emphasizes a loss of self-control. Whether to pity the unfortunate one and share a sandwich with them is up to you.

It is not advisable to send such a symbol to a scarcely known person of the opposite sex if you are not interested in them to avoid misinterpretation.

Emoji Drooling

The 🤤 Drooling Face Emoji captures a moment of unbridled desire, showcasing a face with drool leaking from one corner of the mouth. It’s a vivid representation of longing, craving, or anticipation for something that’s highly appealing or appetizing. This emoji is primarily utilized to express a strong desire or yearning for something, often in a lighthearted or humorous context. Whether it’s a craving for food, excitement for new technology, or eagerness for entertainment, the 🤤 emoji conveys an intense level of interest and enjoyment. It’s perfect for moments when words alone can’t fully express the depth of one’s enthusiasm or appetite.

Text examples:

  • “Dreaming about that vacation in Hawaii 🌴🤤 Can it be tomorrow already?”. In this scenario, the emoji is used to express a longing for travel and adventure, capturing the dreamy desire for an idyllic getaway.
  • “That limited-edition sneaker drop is everything I’ve ever wanted 🤤👟.” Here, the emoji signifies a fervent wish to acquire a coveted item, emphasizing the intensity of the desire.
  • “Hearing about the gourmet burger place opening up 🍔🤤 Count me in!”. This example uses the 🤤 emoji to convey an eager anticipation for a culinary treat, highlighting a shared excitement for food.