Netherlands Car Brands

Netherlands Car Brands

Several automobile brands in the Netherlands have filled an empty market niche after World War II. The most famous automaker is DAF Trucks, which replaced the bankrupt DAF company. It is the pioneer of the Dutch car industry, which produced the first passenger car in the middle of the twentieth century. Now, its place has been taken by MINI, and only trucks are produced under the DAF brand. Spyker supercars are also widely known. They became popular after a successful debut in “Formula 1”.

What are Dutch car brands?

The Dutch car industry is supported by several domestic manufacturers: Spyker, Vencer, Donkervoort, DAF, Vandenbrink, VDL Nedcar, Waaijenberg, and LandFighter.


Spyker Logo

The modern Spyker company was founded in 2000. It has nothing in common with the old Spyker brand, which started developing the automobile industry in 1898 and went bankrupt at the beginning of the XX century. The only thing they have in common is a common name and identity. However, there are hints of the firm’s aviation past in the new cars. For example, one of the lines sounds like an Aileron, and the details of the cars reflect the experience of producing aircraft engines.

Spyker’s main products are exclusive sports cars of several types. They are assembled by hand in our factories. The industrial sites are concentrated in Seewolde.


Vencer Logo

Vencer was founded in 2010 in the Netherlands but became widely known only in 2013 when it presented its debut car. The presentation was attended by the Sovereign Prince of Monaco. The powerful and expensive supercar turned Vencer into a niche brand. The first sample was hand-assembled in 2015 and made the automaker’s owner, Robert Cobben, famous. True, popularity came to him only in Europe since the model was not exported to other markets.


Donkervoort Logo

Since the company Donkervoort moved from a small shed to a building in Lelystad, more than 20 years have passed. In that time, it has managed to develop and produce many new cars with Audi engines. The automaker’s very first car was released in 1978. It utilized parts from Ford. In the next model, Donkervoort engineers took care of safety by equipping the car with dual brakes.

The company was named after its founder, Joop Donkervoort. The appearance of the car was borrowed from the compact two-seater sports car Lotus Seven. At the same time, the modern concept provides for the absence of power steering, dynamic stabilization systems, and electronic braking systems.


The founder of the company DAF is a former director of a brewery. He was fond of repairing cars, so in 1928, he opened a small workshop for the production of trailers. Success came to him in the post-war period when there was a severe shortage of trucks and cars in the automobile market. With his first buses and trucks, the manufacturer filled the empty niche. For a long time, he borrowed imported engines until he developed his own engine. Now, DAF produces only trucks since the brands of cars and buses were sold back in the last century. The current owner of the enterprise is the American corporation PACCAR.


Vandenbrink Logo

Vandenbrink specializes in car design and has been working on it since 2006. His first project was an interpretation of a Ferrari. A huge role in the creative process was played by Mihil van den Brink, one of the co-founders of the company, who gave it his name. However, in 2010, he left the business, deciding to become a “free artist”. The company continued to provide bodybuilding and custom design services under the leadership of co-founder Robert Koemans.

VDL Nedcar

VDL Nedcar Logo

The VDL Nedcar automobile factory has managed to change many owners – from the van Doorn brothers, who founded it in 1967, to the Japanese Mitsubishi Corporation. It also belonged to the Swedish concern Volvo and was even named in its honor Volvo Car B.V. The Dutch government then bought out the stake in VDL Nedcar. The model range was also constantly changing. Now, the manufacturer is producing BMW X1 and Mini Hatch cars.


Waaijenberg Logo

The Dutch company Waaijenberg produces compact cars that are not able to develop high speed and can not drive on highways. The slow microcars are designed for disabled drivers and wheelchair users. The first specialized vehicle appeared in Waaijenberg’s lineup in 1978, 12 years after the automaker was founded.


LandFighter Logo

LandFighter parts are manufactured in the Republic of China and then shipped to the Netherlands for final assembly. The lineup is limited to ATVs that are tested on mud and snow trails before going on sale. The vehicles are authorized for use in EU countries. The main markets for LandFighter ATVs are Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, and Belgium.


Ruska Logo

Ruska was founded in 1968 and has existed for 13 years, creating various models of beach buggies. It had to close down after the introduction of the BVB tax in Holland, which had to be paid in order to trade its machines. Before the financial difficulties, Ruska was one of the most promising and successful car manufacturers, and its open cars on Volkswagen chassis were in demand both at home and abroad.

Which car brand is best in the Netherlands?

There are not many domestic car brands in the Netherlands, and they are not in high demand. In the sports car segment, Spyker supercars can be distinguished; decent trucks are produced under the DAF brand, and Vencer is one of the main niche brands, but its products are only available in Europe.

What is the most popular car in the Netherlands?

In 2021, the first place in popularity in the Netherlands was taken by the Kia Niro, a Japanese-made hybrid compact crossover. It was caught up by the Swedish company Volvo XC40.

Does the Netherlands use cars?

Yes, people in the Netherlands are eager to buy and drive cars, and the number of drivers is increasing over the years. The notion that the Dutch only use bicycles is not true. Only low-income families do not have motorized transport there.