Enalta Unveils Refined New Identity

Enalta Logo New

In a pivotal rebranding effort, Enalta, previously known as Funespaña, has unveiled a new visual and verbal identity that signifies a shift from traditional funeral services to a more modern, respectful celebration of life. Founded in 1990 and serving Spain with 140 funeral homes, 17 crematoriums, and 28 cemeteries, Enalta employs over 1,200 professionals focused on providing compassionate funeral services and cemetery management.

This rebranding, spearheaded by the Madrid-based design firm Plural, redefines Enalta’s identity to reflect its dedication to honoring lives with dignity. The new brand name, Enalta, inspired by the concept of exaltation, symbolizes the company’s goal to elevate the remembrance of those passed, celebrating individual stories and legacies.

Enalta Logo Evolution

The shift from the name Funespaña, which combined the Spanish words for ‘funeral’ and ‘Spain,’ moves the brand away from a direct association with funeral services to a term that embodies an uplifting celebration of life. Although the new name might initially challenge brand recognition, it represents a more positive approach to the services offered.

The revamped logo features a sophisticated blend of typography, merging a charming serif font with a script “E” that acts as the initial. This design melds traditional and modern styles, achieving a balance that mirrors the brand’s renewed emphasis on warmth and empathy. The serif typeface, subtly modified from Klim Type Foundry’s Family series, complements the script, enhancing the logo’s overall elegance. Suggestions have been made for the script “E” to include a holding shape to bolster its presence as a standalone monogram.

Enalta Logo Old

A new color palette supports this transformation, moving from the old somber green and gray to soothing tones that offer comfort to families during times of loss. This adjustment updates the brand’s look and aligns it with its mission of providing a dignified and celebratory farewell.

Enalta’s rebranding responds to changing societal expectations around funeral services, advocating a personalized, respectful approach to commemorating lives. This new identity aims to resonate with modern values, emphasizing celebration over mourning and reflecting a cultural shift towards more meaningful memorial experiences.