Even a vegetarian will forget about some rules with the new La Vie brand

La Vie Logo

Today’s feature is the increasing spread of a vegetarian way of eating. The desire to remove all animal products from the diet does not always make it possible to find a worthy replacement for them in terms of calorie content and taste. To help to do this with joy and pleasure, to ensure a worthy transition from animal meat to vegetable meat, to unite vegans and meat lovers around the table is the main mission of the French brand La Vie. The company recently patented its recipe for vegetable fat that is just like animal fat, providing succulent and tasty dishes based on vegetable meat substitutes. Given the high specificity of the brand’s offerings and the limited demand for them, the company felt an urgent need to stand out among vegetarian companies and become especially attractive in the food offerings segment. To do this, it was important to make a lasting impression on both “beet and cabbage lovers” and those who prefer meat and steak.

La Vie New Logo

Therefore, the issue of forming a visual identity for this brand was especially urgent and required serious and comprehensive consideration. An entire universe had to be formed, in which the central place was given directly to the La Vie logo. First of all, it was necessary to present our product not as an alternative to meat, but as a new kind of meat. A new world was developed with a strong personality, whimsical tones, and original packaging that could defy all the conventions that characterize this category. Something that no one else has ever seen has been created. And above all, such a message responded to the need to emphasize the bold move of the brand in forming an illustrative style in a warm but sharp tone, which was created by the Lithuanian artist Egle Zvirblyte. Brightness, boldness, and strong presence coexist in her work with fun and simplicity. Everything aims to break away from previously formed stereotypes in this category and the opportunity to attract the necessary attention.

La Vie Symbol