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Experian Logo

Experian Logo
Experian Logo PNG

Experian is an Anglo-Irish credit rating agency, one of the three world leaders in the industry. Only the world-famous TransUnion and Equifax are ahead of it. Along with lending services, the service is also engaged in analytical activities, providing applicants with ready-made business solutions and marketing assistance. It covers 37 countries globally and has several offices, including the USA, Great Britain, and Brazil. The headquarters is located in Dublin (Ireland). The company was founded in 1996.

Meaning and History

Experian Logo History
Evolution of the Experian Logo

In 1968, TRW Inc founded TRW Information Systems and Services Inc., and Experian became its division. At the end of 1996, the owner sold it to two Massachusetts companies Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners. And those after one month resold it to the English firm The Great Universal Stores Limited from Manchester. GUS played a significant role in Experian’s career, transforming the former branch into an independent and full-scale organization.

Ten years later, the credit bureau expanded the scope of financial services to cover the markets of Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region. In the second half of 2006, Experian withdrew from Great Universal Stores Limited, retaining the personal logo after official registration.

Of the interesting facts in the agency’s history, it is worth noting the scandals associated with confidential data leakage. The first of these occurred in 2013 when Experian was accused of selling information about hundreds of thousands of United States residents. But then Russian hackers were involved in the case. The second case dates back to 2015 when the company announced a data breach from 09/01/2013 to 09/16/2015. The third failure was recorded in 2020 at the South African office. Therefore, the corporate logo has not only joyful but also sad glory. Experian has three logos in total.

1996 – 2009

Experian Logo 1996-2009

The credit rating company received a personal identity mark immediately after registration. There was a name on it, executed in even letters with rounding and serifs. The exceptions are “x” and “i,” which have angular shapes. All other letters are composed of smooth lines. The inscription is in lower case and is located on one line. An elongated burgundy stroke plays the role of the graphic element. It replaces the dot above the “i” and looks like a parallelepiped-shaped diagonal stripe.

2009 – 2016

Experian Logo 2009-2016

After the redesign, a radically different emblem appeared, consisting of two parts. On the left, there is a graphic element representing a cluster of red and blue dots. The central elements have a structured arrangement – they form a square. And those outside it are chaotically scattered around. On the right, the developers have placed the name of the credit reporting bureau. According to all grammatical norms, the word “Experian” is made with the first capital letter and the rest lowercase. For this, the designers used a simple, grotesque, elongated font.

2016 – present

Experian Logo 2016-present

The next update did not bring dramatic changes, although the logo has become simpler. The developers changed the typeface, removed the capital letter, replaced the dots with squares, and reduced their number. They also combined text and graphics by placing the “e” among colorful hand-drawn elements.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Experian Emblem

Experian’s branding has changed dramatically. It became more complicated and then simplified. For example, a simple version is used with thin, rounded letters and small squares of different sizes. They symbolize the influx of visitors to the credit rating agency and look like reporting forms.

Each of the logo options has an individual type of inscription. The debut version used a font that, with slight modifications, resembles Bridone DemiBold, designed by Tipo Pรฉpel. The latter emblem echoes the free Typo Grotesk Rounded Regular and Coarse Rounded Regular typefaces. The difference is that the original “x” is narrower.

Experian Symbol

The corporate color palette includes several shades of blue: # 3368ac, # 2857b2 and # 004390. They are combined with purple # b11653, red # ee0b4d, pink # d82781, fuchsia # b11e84.