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Fabric: Brand overview

In 2015, a new insurance company, Fabric, was created in Brooklyn, New York, through the efforts of Adam Erlebacher and Stephen Surgnier. Focused on simplifying the life insurance process, Fabric sought to meet the needs of parents and families. The company’s core offering was to help households navigate the confusing world of financial planning by emphasizing the seamless purchase of life insurance online.

Going beyond the norms of conventional life insurance, Fabric introduced a platform offering simple and straightforward online valuations, mainly focused on term life and accidental death insurance. While the company has successfully raised numerous venture capital investments over the course of its existence, the details of these rounds remain undisclosed due to its status as a private company.

Today, even though it has been in the industry for a relatively short period of time, Fabric aims to revolutionize the life insurance industry. By utilizing modern technology and user-friendly design, the company hopes to redefine the way insurance is approached, purchased, and managed.

Meaning and History

Fabric Logo History

2016 – today

Fabric Logo

The Fabric logo is light, bright, and life-affirming. It is filled with positive emotions, as evidenced by its rich purple color, which is not typical for similar brands. This unique color helps the company to stand out among competitors and testifies to its sincere intentions. The smooth transition from the “f” to the “a” reinforces this feeling. The crossbar of the first letter serves as a connecting element and transitions into the tail of the second glyph. The rest of the glyphs are spaced apart, so they don’t look cohesive. They are neat, even, geometric.

The rich purple color is reminiscent of the sky before the stars come out – something special and yet accessible. The smooth connection between the letters “f” and “a” is reminiscent of a friendly handshake, quick but meaningful. And those spaced-out letters? It’s as if they’ve each been given their own little stage to perform on, like a talent show where everyone gets their moment in the spotlight.

Fabric color codes

VeronicaHex color:#a133e3
RGB:161 51 227
CMYK:29 78 0 11
Pantone:PMS 2592 C