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The FC Cincinnati logo’s vintage style with a modern twist gives it an appealing look. Traditional heraldry, German grotesque, St. Mark’s Cathedral, and the coat of arms of the Venetian Republic symbolize courage, strength, generosity, and mercy.

FC Cincinnati: Brand overview

Founded:May 29, 2018
Founder:Carl Lindner III
Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

FC Cincinnati is a professional soccer club from Cincinnati, Ohio that has been competing in the Eastern Conference of Major League Soccer since 2019. Before that, the franchise was part of the United Soccer League. Negotiations between the club’s owners and Major League Soccer representatives about bringing the franchise to Cincinnati lasted almost a year – from early 2016 until mid-December. On May 29, 2018, MLS announced that the local FC would join the league as FC Cincinnati.

The new franchise is owned by the investment group that owned the former FC Cincinnati. The disbanded club existed for about four years – from August 15, 2015, to November 30, 2018. Its majority owner is Carl H. Lindner III, co-CEO of American Financial Group. The remaining shares are held by minority owners, including Chris Lindner (Carl’s son), Mike Mossel (co-founder of Dayton Dutch Lions), Jack Wyant, George Joseph, Steve Hightower, Scott Farmer, Jeff Berding, and David L. Thompson.

Initially, the club was named Futbol Club Cincinnati. It was the only MLS member to use the word “football” in the Spanish spelling. On April 16, 2018, the board of directors held a special meeting to change “Futbol” to “Fussball” (“ss” analogous to the German symbol ß) in legal and official documents. However, it is not used in sports mentions of the team and public discussions. Fortunately, the rebranding did not affect the “FC” abbreviation and the shortened name “FC Cincy.” The renaming of Fussball Club Cincinnati is a tribute to the city’s German heritage.

The team’s moniker, “The Orange and Blue,” has been known since the beginning of its history, but it is now fixed in the branding. Its primary color palette includes orange and blue, respectively. The FC Cincinnati of 2015-2018 also used these colors, borrowed from Dayton Dutch Lions, but the current colors seem brighter and bolder. Secondary colors – white, dark blue, and grey – are added to enhance this unique soccer color palette.

Meaning and History

FC Cincinnati Logo History

Major League Soccer’s FC Cincinnati debuted in 2019 with a logo whose concept and colors resembled the emblem of the same-named team from the United Soccer League. However, the design of Cincinnati’s new logo is splendid. It has a certain vintage aesthetic with a modern twist, which is extremely attractive.

What is FC Cincinnati?

FC Cincinnati is a soccer club from Cincinnati, Ohio, founded by a group of people, including the Lindner family. Currently, its owner is Carl H. Lindner III. The team roster was officially announced in 2015, and players started competing in 2018. Their debut league was the USL Championship, and their home arena was Nippert Stadium.

2019 – today

Cincinnati Logo 2019-present

The Cincinnati logo uses a traditional heraldic symbol – a Norman or early Gothic escutcheon or shield shaped like a stove. It has a simple pointed triangle shape. Like a real escutcheon, the white shield has a sinister white bend and a dark grey border.

The slanted emblem contains a grey inscription of “Cincinnati” in uppercase. Its slanted font harmonizes with the traditional German grotesque with serifs. The city name cleverly bisects the emblem, allowing a white lion in the lower part and a white inscription of “FC” in the upper part. The wordmark “FC” is written in the same font but with beveled edges and placed in a blue triangle located in the top left of the Cincinnati logo. The sides forming the right angle are slightly curved.

At the bottom of the Cincinnati emblem is the figure of a winged lion on an orange background. This is a heraldic symbol of St. Mark the Evangelist and the emblem of the Venetian Republic, embodying courage, strength, generosity, and mercy. The heraldic lion proudly stands on its hind legs and holds a sword in its left paw, indicating the club’s readiness for battle. A crown on the beast’s head pays homage to Cincinnati as the queen city. The mane has seven points, symbolizing Cincinnati’s seven hills, and the wing has three “feathers,” one for each season spent in USL before transitioning to MLS. The lion’s tail is curved in the shape of the letter “C,” representing “Cincinnati.”

FC Cincinnati: Interesting Facts

FC Cincinnati is a newer Major League Soccer (MLS) soccer team that’s already caught everyone’s attention with its excited fans and big dreams.

  1.  How They Started: The team was created in 2015 and played in a different league in 2016. Thanks to much support and doing well in games, they moved up to MLS in 2019, which was pretty quick.
  2.  Lots of Fans: Even before they were in MLS, they had a large number of fans come to their games, setting records for the most people coming to watch in their old league.
  3.  Their Stadium: They play at TQL Stadium, which opened in 2021. It’s in Cincinnati and can hold 26,000 people. It’s got a cool look with lights on the outside that can change colors.
  4.  First Big Win: Their first win in MLS was in 2019 against the Portland Timbers, which was a big deal for the team and its fans.
  5.  Fan Groups: Some groups like Die Innenstadt and The Pride support the team, making games fun with their energy and cheers.
  6.  Training Young Players: Starting in 2019, they’re focused on helping young players improve through their academy, which will help kids in Cincinnati and nearby become pro soccer players.
  7.  Helping the Community: The team does a lot to help in Cincinnati, working on projects to improve health, education, and more.
  8.  Team Colors and Logo: The team’s colors are orange and blue. Their logo has a lion with a wing, which stands for strength and honors the city’s German background. The logo also has seven points for the seven hills around Cincinnati.
  9.  A Big Signing: In 2019, they brought in Luciano Acosta, an Argentine player, showing they’re serious about being good in MLS.
  10. Soccer in Cincinnati: Soccer has been big in Cincinnati for a long time, even before this team started. FC Cincinnati is building on that history and making soccer even more popular there.

FC Cincinnati has quickly become known for its strong fan support, setting goals for success, and becoming an exciting part of MLS.

Font and Colors

Cincinnati emblem

The FC Cincinnati emblem takes the shape of a Norman or early Gothic heraldic shield shaped like a teardrop. Its main element is a winged lion with a crown and sword – the so-called Lion of St. Mark, symbolizing the best human qualities. The crown denotes the city’s authority. The sword, in turn, indicates a constant readiness to fight for high ideals.

The logo includes the inscription “FC Cincinnati.” The acronym, formed from the phrase “Football Club,” is located in the upper right corner against a distorted triangle. Designers developed an individual font for it, where the vertical strokes are cut at a sharp angle. The nickname stretches diagonally from bottom to top and visually divides the shield into two parts. It’s written in an italic sans-serif font with a strong leftward slant.

Cincinnati symbol

Additionally, the emblem features all of the club’s official colors – both primary and secondary. Among them are orange (#FE5000), blue (#003087), light grey (#BBBCBC), white (#FFFFFF), and dark blue (#041E42). They combine so that the shield’s base is light while all the details are dark. Only the letters “FC” and the silhouette of the lion are colored white to contrast with the bright geometric figures.

FC Cincinnati color codes

IndigoHex color:#153264
RGB:21 50 100
CMYK:79 50 0 61
Pantone:PMS 294 C
Yale BlueHex color:#14478e
RGB:20 71 142
CMYK:86 50 0 44
Pantone:PMS 7687 C
Halloween OrangeHex color:#f26522
RGB:242 101 34
CMYK:60 0 23 0
Pantone:PMS 1655 C