FDM Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

FDM Logo New

FDM, a global tech talent and solutions provider, has launched a new logo and brand identity designed by The Clearing. This rebranding effort highlights FDM’s leadership and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

The old logo was a simple uppercase initialism with a star, which looked generic and governmental. The new logo is a bold departure, featuring asymmetry and an unconventional shape. This design suggests forward momentum and career mobility, aligning with FDM’s mission to propel careers in tech.

FDM Logo Evolution

The new logo is marked by its boldness and edginess. The letters “F” and “M” have a unique, asymmetrical style, with one rounded corner on each letter. This creates a dynamic, thick-thin rhythm, making the logo visually appealing and memorable.

The vibrant color palette, dominated by bright green, symbolizes growth, innovation, and energy. This color is used across various brand assets for consistency. The bold, condensed sans-serif typeface, Sharp Grotesk, reinforces the brand’s modern and professional image.

FDM Logo Old

The new visual identity includes abstract geometric illustrations and bold drop shadows to add depth and interest. Blurry effects and gradients introduce a sense of motion, reflecting the fast-paced tech industry. Corporate Memphis-like illustrations humanize the brand, making it more relatable to a diverse audience.

Sua Balac’s suite of bespoke icons and illustrations convey complex ideas visually. These icons are used in digital and print materials, providing a consistent visual language.

FDM Symbol

FDM developed comprehensive brand guidelines to support the launch, ensuring all brand touchpoints adhere to the new visual standards. A brand launch video and animations introduced the new identity, highlighting key elements of the rebrand.

The new identity aims to communicate with FDM’s audiences: clients, consultants, candidates, partners, and employees. The fresh and energetic visual language seeks to build loyalty and pride among stakeholders, underscoring FDM’s commitment to leadership in the tech industry.