Fellini Museum Rimini graphic by FM Milano

Fellini Museum Rimini Logo

Great people who left behind a great legacy must be preserved in the memory of humanity forever. One of those who deserve this attitude is the greatest creator of the last century, the Italian director – Federico Fellini. This year, in his honor, the Fellini Museum was founded in Rimini – the largest of all that was named after the maestro. The museum has become more than just a magnificent symbol of the memory of Fellini. It was conceived as a celebration of the highest legacy left by the Great Italian to the whole world. Visitors have access to a dynamic celebration of demonstration of real cinematic art, reflecting with the help of Fellini’s paintings all human feelings – amazement and sorrow, joy and hatred, immense happiness and ecstasy, grief and rage. It successfully reflects the main philosophy of the maestro – “everything is subject to the imagination.”

Fellini Museum Rimini New Logo

Considering such a high significance of the created monument to the heritage of the great director, only real professionals were involved in the creation of the visual identity of the museum. The development of the style was entrusted to the outstanding representatives of the creative beau-monde of Italy – the design team of the FM Milano studio (Milan, Italy) known outside the country. The team managed to reflect the spirit of the real cinematography of the maestro’s time and to transfer a particle of the maestro’s talent into the graphics.

Fellini Museum Rimini Emblem

The central element of the logo composition is the abbreviation of the name of the museum. The unique solution in the construction of this composition allows it to be interpreted in different semantic meanings. The white letters are in the form of an approaching projection emanating from the depths of black space. A white rectangle represents the right leg of the letter “M.” The entire composition is designed in such a way as to create a visual impression of a projector beam when showing a movie in a dark cinema hall. The last element of the letter “M” plays the role of a screen. Suppose the composition is placed on a field of a different color. In that case, the letters of the abbreviations are made in black and take the stylized form of a maestro’s megaphone, with which commands were repeatedly given to them. The two variants symbolize the two main elements of modern cinema – light, and voice. Together they become an effective way of reflecting the idea of ​​expressiveness and forming a projection, both of the images on the screen and the maestro’s talent for the masterpieces he creates.

Logo Fellini Museum Rimini

In addition to all the image elements, another emblem element was developed – a rhino floating on a boat. His idea was taken from the final part of Fellini’s 1983 painting “E la nave va.” The rhinoceros, combined with a vibrant color palette and simple, abstract graphics, have become integral to the museum’s interactive digital installations. This made it possible in such an original way to ensure the imitation of the creative atmosphere that prevailed on the set at the time of filming.