The FEMA logo indicates its connection to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Additionally, it symbolizes hope for aid and rescue in case of any unforeseen disasters. The emblem of the Federal Emergency Management Agency is associated with reliability, care, and promptness.

FEMA: Brand overview

FEMA assists those affected by forest fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and other natural and man-made disasters. The agency was formed under President James Earl Carter Jr. in 1979. It took over functions previously carried out by other government structures, including the Department of Defense, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and General Services Administration. Until 2003, it operated independently before joining DHS. In 2007, FEMA was designated as one of the department’s subdivisions.

Meaning and History

FEMA Logo History

The Federal Emergency Management Agency logo is often shown in the news: it can be seen on the uniforms of search and rescue teams sifting through debris after natural disasters. This enhances FEMA’s prestige in the eyes of Americans and creates the impression that its employees are always the first to arrive at disaster sites to assess damages and assist the victims. Until 2003, the emblem resembled the Great Seal and was complemented by a triangle within a circle. Conspiracy theorists believed it to be a secret occult symbol. In 2003, the organization became a Department of Homeland Security subdivision and began using the DHS seal as its logo.

What is FEMA?

FEMA is the acronym for Federal Emergency Management Agency. This government agency has been in existence since 1979 and has been under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security since 2003. Its responsibilities include aiding victims after natural disasters when insurance does not cover the damaged property. Furthermore, FEMA trains paramedics, doctors, and rescuers for rapid response teams. The agency has offices in different regions of the country and a headquarters in Washington.

1981 – 2003

Federal Emergency Management Agency Logo 1981

Until 2003, the FEMA agency used a logo similar to the obverse of the Great Seal.

  1. At the center is a bald eagle – the national pride of the USA. In its right talon, it holds an olive branch, symbolizing peace, and in the left – a bundle of arrows, a symbol of war. The eagle’s head is turned to the right, indicating a preference for peace. However, the presence of arrows signifies vigilance and readiness for self-defense.
  2. On the eagle’s chest is a heraldic shield divided into two parts. The top is entirely blue, while the bottom is marked with alternating vertical red and white stripes. The thirteen lines (as well as the corresponding number of olives and arrows) refer to the thirteen British colonies that formed the foundation of the USA.
  3. The eagle holds a yellow ribbon in its beak with the black inscription “PACE AC BELLO MERITA” in its beak. The Latin motto translates into English as “Service in Peace and War,” demonstrating the agency’s readiness to respond to all types of disasters, from man-made to natural.
  4. The logo is enclosed in a dark blue circle with yellow outlines. The white inscription “FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY” is inside the frame, complemented by two small five-petaled flowers. The central part is painted in a shade of blue historically associated with this organization.

Above the eagle’s head is a white triangle in a blue circle. Conspiracy theorists believe this to be an occult symbol related to the Freemasons. The geometric sign is a tribute to The Office of Civilian Defense and its embodiments (such as the Federal Civil Defense Administration), as FEMA is considered their direct descendant.

2003 – today


In 2003, the government merged the Federal Emergency Management Agency with the Department of Homeland Security. FEMA continued to exist as an independent subdivision and carry out its previous tasks, but its logo was replaced with the Homeland Security seal. This symbol was developed in 2003 by Landor Associates and the non-profit organization Advertising Council in collaboration with DHS.

  1. In the center, following a long American tradition is a bald eagle. Its silhouette is partially formed by negative space within the dark blue circle. The bird holds in its talons an olive branch and thirteen arrows, which hold the same meaning as the Great Seal.
  2. A coat of arms shield is on the eagle’s chest, divided into three segments. The top part represents the blue sky, dotted with tiny stars, totaling 22 – the same number of agencies that merged to form DHS. The right side symbolizes the ocean: it contains white and blue waves of different shades. The left side depicts the land: a green valley and white mountains.
  3. The eagle’s wings pass through a red ring. This symbolizes DHS breaking through the confines of bureaucracy. Outside the ring, the full name of the department is indicated: U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Adjacent to the seal is a large inscription “FEMA.” The blue wordmark emphasizes the importance and uniqueness of the agency, which assists people in natural disasters.

Font and Colors

FEMA Emblem

The bold font with rectangular serifs creates a sense of reliability and security. It’s Merriweather, the basis of DHS typography. The combination of thick and thin strokes looks modern, and the harmonious shape of the letters ensures excellent readability in digital spaces.

The following colors are used in the FEMA logo:

  • Green (Pantone 370 C);
  • Light blue (307 C);
  • Red (187 C);
  • Gray (Cool Gray 6 C);
  • Blue (2955 C).

FEMA Symbol

All these colors belong to the Homeland Security palette, as the Federal Emergency Management Agency is a subdivision of this department and follows its branding rules.