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The Fidelity logo says that the corporation is strong and rich, like a reliable and stable golden pyramid, the top of which has reached heaven. All operations of the company bring financial profit. From the emblem comes the message of development and growth.

Fidelity: Brand overview

Founder:Edward C. Johnson II
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Fidelity Investments is an international American financial corporation. It was founded in 1946 by Edward C. Johnson II. During the entire period of its work, the company was restructured several times and changed its name. Today it is one of the largest organizations with over $ 3 trillion in assets, mutual funds, and a brokerage firm. The firm is also engaged in the services of pension savings, insurance, cryptocurrency, securities clearance. The head office is located in Boston, Massachusetts (USA).

Meaning and History

Fidelity Logo History

After 23 years of operation of the financial company Fidelity Management & Research (as it was called at the very beginning), it has a Fidelity International Limited division with a specialization in serving foreign markets far outside the United States. In 1980, the corporation separated it into an independent structure.

In 1993, the organization approved a new emblem, which remains relevant to this day. In 2011, the company underwent a rebranding. The reason for this was the renaming of the Fidelity International department to Fidelity Worldwide Investment and the increase in legal status. A year after expanding its financial services, the corporation moved to its current Boston headquarters.

What is Fidelity?

Fidelity is the abbreviated name of the American financial holding Fidelity Investments Inc., which was known as Fidelity Management & Research in the past.

According to experts, the current Fidelity personal identification badge’s design suggests a connection with the Freemasons. This is confirmed by the special elements used in the logo. First, it is the outline of the pyramid. Secondly, the Eye of Providence motives. Together they form a powerful image that attracts cash flow. After all, approximately the same image is on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States and dollar bills. That is, the icon directly declares the desire of the financial institution to earn big.

The corporate identity is a harmonious combination of graphic and text elements. The first is a round icon with a pyramid with a separate top. Behind it is a shining sun with twelve long rays. They are sharp and extend almost to the outer edge. Moreover, both images are created thanks to only two colors with the correct grouping of shadows.

On the right is the name of the investment corporation, which takes two lines. The upper one contains the word “Fidelity” in large letters with a slight slope. In this case, the inscription consists of uppercase and lowercase characters, meeting the spelling rules. Its distinctive feature is the connected “y” and “t.” The second line includes the word “Investments,” which is included in the financial institution’s full name. Although it is written in small letters, they are all in uppercase and sloped to the right.

Font and Colors

Fidelity Emblem

The text portion consists of a combination of upper and lower case characters. In the first word, the letters are wide, smooth, bold in type from the Sans Serif category. The legs have the correct shape of vertical rectangles. The last two letters are connected at the level of the crossbar “t,” which harmoniously goes into “y.” The lower inscription is small, with wide intersymbol spacing, extended almost along the upper word’s entire length.

Fidelity Symbol

The corporation has attached great importance to color. To attract finances, she chose two monetary palettes for her logo. The first color is green, like on dollar bills. The second is yellow, like on gold bars. According to experts, this combination is good for attracting customers’ attention.

Fidelity color codes

Raisin BlackHex color:#231f20
RGB:35 31 32
CMYK:0 11 9 86
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C

What is the Fidelity logo?

In addition to the phrase “Fidelity INVESTMENTS” written in bold italic, the company logo is also represented by a circle emblem. Inside the circle are the Eye of Providence and the Egyptian pyramid – symbols of Freemasonry.

Who is Fidelity owned by?

Fidelity is a privately held company. Its employees own 51% of the shares, and the rest are owned by the American businesswoman Abigail Pierrepont Johnson and her family.

What is Fidelity investment Account?

It is an account that allows users to trade stocks.

Is Fidelity an investment bank?

Yes, and that’s reflected in its name: Fidelity Investments Inc.