Financial company Square becomes Block

Block Logo

Twelve years in the field of financial services and the creation of the Cash application for peer-to-peer transfers – allows us to talk about the stability of the Square brand. Its constant development, the need to expand and make appropriate changes became the main reason for the complete rebranding. Including highly acclaimed merchant payment systems and banking products, Cash App, Tidal, and a new open platform for developers using cryptography, the brand believes the new name will better reflect the changes and allow the company to continue improving and expanding. But, most likely, the reason for such changes, first of all, was the blockchain. This is evidenced by the increased attention paid to the Square Crypto division, which has now also undergone a rebranding and a name change to Spiral.

The rebranding was based on building direct relationships with brand divisions. Now they all become “building blocks,” which led to the need to make changes to all emails and the address of the corporate website. The new style has retained and only confirmed the brand’s main goal to expand economic opportunities and create effective tools to achieve them. Made by the logo, iridescent in all the rainbow colors, the cube, original and attractive in its dynamics, really works effectively and is easy to remember. His “desire” to change the form constantly leads to the return of the original performance, which symbolically reflects the brand’s true essence – to constantly change while maintaining its essence and focus.

Block Emblem

The new name, placed under the dynamic Block, executed in a sans-serif typeface with a slightly horizontally elongated shape, creates a visual impression of solidity and stability. The logo’s composition in its unified visual perception very accurately conveys all the features of the changes, but without revealing everything that today reflects the base brand. Some vagueness allows us to talk about unfinished transformation and still ongoing changes, which at the same time leaves open space for future changes. This is confirmed by the constantly “mixing” palette of colors filling the movable cube. Being in constant motion does not allow any shades to prevail over others, creating a varied “rainbow mixture.”