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FinFlx Logo

A new e-platform with a wide range of features and an effective security system, FinFlx, offers the creation of an attractive workplace based on the well-being of its users. Established in 2021, a financial brand that spans SMEs operating in Dubai and the GCC provides an optimal way to manage ESG liabilities. It is the first all-in-one e-platform to help create financial well-being for employees of SMEs. Its use allows users to use the most effective tools that provide their users with the necessary financial freedom. It is based on modern technologies, specialized financial products, and educational programs that predict, manage, and notify users of their obligations. The platform provides company employees with a flexible and secure tool for managing and distributing their savings, as well as investing them. The use of this service involves its installation in mobile systems, smartphones, computers. The platform, created in the form of software, has a simple and intuitive interface that does not require special knowledge from the user.

FinFlx New Logo

To form the required visual impact on the viewer, create the necessary impression and high-quality transmission of the information embedded in this image, the brand developers applied a creative approach with a deep study of the created image. The achievement of this goal was facilitated by the original color palette of corporate shades, the use of a modern font that is simple in visual perception, and the creation of a unique sign in its dynamic interpretation. The latter, in its graphic design, reflects several semantic meanings. In it, you can see a piece of modern, comfortable office furniture, the original design of the workplace, and a stylized reflection of the information stand. A sans-serif typeface like Roc Grotesk Wide Medium by Kostic provided the best visual representation of the brand’s identity – its combination of flexibility and participation, technology, and humanity. The letters of the brand name in the logo are made in deep blue, symbolizing eternity, loyalty, constancy, and a good reputation. In addition, this shade looks spectacular in various combinations with other components of the natural color palette. It sets the right tone of goodwill and trust.

FinFlx Symbol

FinFlx Before and After Logo (history)