French company Peugeot rebranded amid falling sales

Peugeot New Logo

The French manufacturer decided to carry out a radical rebranding and completely change the famous lion’s image. The company’s press service said that the brand is already starting to use the logo in its activities. It now looks like a shield with a lion’s head and a gray Peugeot wordmark added above it.

The PEUGEOT Design Lab developed the logo. This is the eleventh change to the main image in the history of the company. According to the company itself, they must keep up with the times and with their innovations.

Despite all the changes, the lion has always remained a key figure in the French company’s logo. For the first time, the image will be used on the new PEUGEOT 308. The new version of the logo is more elegant, emphasizing the company’s status and long history.

Peugeot logo 2021

The brand also changed its corporate identity for dealerships and accessories. Peugeot plans to improve its website and add new features actively. The company plans to develop trade and launch a service that will allow you to get information about Peugeot and the product without leaving your home. The developed algorithm will help the user create a car online and make a purchase, even on credit.

Also, the brand announced the creation of “the whole Peugeot universe,” or rather “a lifestyle collection: clothes, leather goods, fashion accessories, electronic accessories, tableware, stationery, packaging, miniatures.”

Peugeot New Emblem 2021