G7 policy changes reflected in the new identity

G7 Germany Logo

The global tasks solved at the global level by the G7 are largely determined by who chairs the group at the current moment. And although there are no fundamental changes, some points reflect the nature of the structure and its management at the current moment. A period is coming when the reins of government are passing into the hands of representatives of Germany, which wants to direct the activities of the G7 to address priority climate problems. Naturally, the current trend in considering relations with Russia and China that are vital for European politics and actions to minimize the threats associated with COVID will not be violated.

G7 Germany New Logo

The process of changing management and tasks assigned to the G7, as always, led to the need for changes in the visual identity of the group. Changes were made to the logo, which reflected the updated G7 2022. The monogram was made in white characters on a dark blue background. Their graphic execution ensured the visual unity of the formation of a single form, distinguished by its simplicity and ease of reading. The contrast of these colors ensured the ease of execution of the sign and its recognition while creating a composition that successfully stands out in any combination with other typographic or digital elements. Under the sign is textual information – G7 Germany 2022.

G7 Germany Symbol

G7 Germany Before and After Logo (history)