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The simple and succinct Gap logo represents the world’s third-largest clothing store chain. The concise lettering style of visualization reflects the brand’s philosophy and reveals its hidden meaning – a generation gap.

Gap: Brand overview

Founded:August 21, 1969
Founder:Donald Fisher, Doris F. Fisher
San Francisco, California, U.S.
The Gap is an American corporation engaged in retail clothing and footwear. It owns a large network of stores in Ireland, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, the USA, and other countries. The retailer entered the market in 1969 when spouses Donald and Doris Fisher opened a Levi’s denim clothing store. However, at that time, the company had a completely different name. A few years later, Doris renamed it Generation Gap and then shortened the name by removing the first word for a more succinct sound.

Meaning and History

Gap Logo History

Although all Gap logos contain the same short inscription, they look completely different. The first version is radically different from the last, thanks to the team of designers.

What is Gap?

The Gap is an American clothing manufacturer that sells its products in brand stores. It owns more than 3,500 outlets worldwide and several subsidiaries.

1969 – 1976

The Gap Logo 1969-1976

The opening emblem consists of two words: “the” and “gap”. They are written in lowercase letters with serifs, where “g,” “a,” and “p” are circles of the same size with lateral strokes, and “t” resembles a cross and is connected to “h.” The article “the” is placed at the top and at an angle.

1976 – 1986

The Gap Logo 1976-1986

After a minor update, the logo looks different. The designers paid attention to the first word, aligning it horizontally and making the letters bold. As a result, the spaces between “t,” “e,” and “h” were reduced so much that they began to touch at the extreme points.

1986 – 2016

Gap Logo 1986-2016

In 1986, a sign called the Blue Box appeared. This time, the creators placed the inscription in a blue square. The word “GAP” is written in capital letters, which stretch upwards and are adorned with short serifs. The article “the” disappeared and did not reappear, becoming a symbol of the years 1976-1986.


Gap Logo 2010

In 2010, another attempt was made to change the corporate style, but it was unsuccessful. Customers criticized the bold inscription “Gap” with a blue square in the upper left corner. This logo was used for only a week – from October 4 to October 11.

2016 – today

Gap Logo 2016-present

Six years after the unsuccessful redesign, the company introduced a new logo. The developers simply removed the geometric figure behind the word “GAP,” thus changing the design of the 1986 logo.

Gap: Interesting Facts

Gap Inc. is a famous store in America that sells clothes and things like bags. It’s well-known because it made casual clothes, like jeans, popular.

  1. How It Started: Gap was created in San Francisco in 1969 by Donald Fisher and his wife, Doris. They named it “Gap” to represent the differences in what music and clothes people liked between parents and kids.
  2. The First Store: The first Gap store wanted to make buying jeans easy. They sold Levi’s jeans and music records, mixing music and fashion for young people.
  3. Creating Their Own Clothes: At first, Gap sold clothes from other brands, like Levi’s. But 1974 they started making their clothes, which was a big step.
  4. Going Global: In 1987, Gap opened a store in London, its first step outside the USA. Now, Gap has stores in over 90 countries.
  5. Other Brands: Gap also owns Banana Republic, which they bought in 1983 and turned into a fancy brand, and Old Navy, which they started in 1994 to sell cheaper clothes.
  6. Caring About the Planet and People: Gap works hard not to harm the planet, treat people fairly, and ensure the clothes are made correctly.
  7. Logo Oops: In 2010, Gap changed its logo, but people didn’t like it. So, they quickly changed it back to the old one.
  8. Cool Ads: Gap is known for fun ads that stick in your head, like the “Fall Into the Gap” songs and ads with famous people wearing khakis.
  9. Working With Famous People: Gap has collaborated with famous designers and brands to create special clothes, keeping It interesting for everyone.
  10. Inspiring a Band: There’s a band called The Gap Band, which got its name from seeing a Gap store. They have fun songs like “You Dropped a Bomb on Me.”

Gap started with jeans and music and grew into a big name in fashion worldwide. They care about making good clothes, the environment, and staying cool with fun ads and collaborations.

Font and Colors

Gap Emblem

The corporation’s trademark is the embodiment of minimalism. It reflects the very essence of Gap since it contains only the name of the store chain without unnecessary decorative elements.

Gap Symbol

The font used in the logo is generally similar to Spire Regular by Ann Pomeroy. It is an adapted version, as the designers worked with serifs and stroke weight.

The color palette is as minimalist as the logo’s structure. If previously, before 2016, there was a large dark blue square behind the inscription, now the background is white. The word “GAP”, on the other hand, is black.

Gap color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What does the Gap logo mean?

The logo with the inscription “GAP” represents the brand name, which is deciphered as “generation gap.”

Why did Gap change its logo?

Gap changed its logo because it considered its branding outdated. It wanted something new.

When did Gap change its logo?

The last update of the Gap logo occurred on January 1, 2016.

Who developed the unsuccessful Gap logo?

The unsuccessful Gap logo was developed by the New York creative agency Laird & Partners.