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An example of pure design is the Garmin logo, symbolizing the ability to achieve success with minimal graphic load through quality products. The perfect size and shape of the font, transparency, and airiness reflect the main directions of activity.

Garmin: Brand overview

Founded:October 1989
Founder:Gary Burrell, Min Kao
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Garmin is an American brand that represents the manufacturing of automotive, aviation, marine technology, and navigational devices. It ranks among the top five, according to Forbes America.

Meaning and History

Garmin Logo History

The corporate logo appeared simultaneously with the company in 1989 and was registered in 2010. Throughout its existence, it has changed only once, being an example of concise design using a minimum of elements. The main emphasis is on the name.

What is Garmin?

Garmin is an American company and a leader in GPS technology. It produces marine, aviation, and consumer devices that use satellite radio navigation systems. Among its products are avionics for helicopters and light aircraft, sonars for boats and fishing, fitness trackers for athletes, and navigators for cars and bicycles.

1989 – 2006

Garmin Logo 1989-2006

This is a simple and elegant logo. It was named after the company’s founders – Gary Burrell and Min Kao (Gar + Min). It consists of slightly slanted capital letters. All lines are thickened. A miniature graphic sign is in front of the word – a globe made of semi-transparent stripes. The primary palette is black and white.

2006 – today

Garmin Logo 2006-present

In 2006, the logo became more minimalistic. The letters became thinner and smoother, which gave it transparency – the so-called transparency a trend that prevailed in all areas.

The modern logo consists of two parts: word and graphic. The name is typed in capital letters using a simple sans-serif font. Unlike the initial version, the symbols are thin, with an emphasis on lightness.

There is also a geometric sign – a triangle, which, according to the developers’ intention, focuses attention on innovation, dynamics, reliability, and professionalism. The primary color is black, with an additional light blue to highlight the graphics.

Garmin: Interesting Facts

Garmin Ltd. is a company in the U.S. that makes GPS stuff for cars, planes, boats, outside activities, and sports. It was started in 1989 by Gary Burrell and Min Kao. They mixed their first names to come up with “Garmin.” Now, it’s one of the top companies for GPS and smart devices that you can wear.

  1. All Kinds of Products: Garmin makes more than just GPS for cars. They also make stuff for airplanes and boats, like smart computers for flying and fishing. They even make smartwatches and fitness trackers for all kinds of sports.
  2. Smartwatches: Garmin’s smartwatches and trackers are for everyone – whether you love running, golf, swimming, or flying.
  3. Flying Innovations: They created a super smart system for small planes that changed cockpits’ appearance and made flying safer and better.
  4. Boating Tech: Garmin has good maps and tools for boats that make fishing and sailing better.
  5. Better GPS: Garmin’s gadgets use not just one but many satellite systems worldwide to help you find your way more accurately.
  6. Tough for Adventure: Their outdoor gadgets are tough. They can handle water and drops and have maps and tools for exploring.
  7. Garmin Connect: This is a place online where you can see your fitness info, set goals, and share your achievements.
  8. Safe and Sound: Garmin’s wearables can tell someone if you’re in trouble, making things safer for people who love adventures.
  9. Solar Power: Some of Garmin’s watches can charge with sunlight, which is great for long trips outside.
  10. Health Focus: Garmin works with doctors and researchers to ensure its devices can track important health metrics, such as stress levels, sleep quality, and blood oxygen levels.

Garmin started with just GPS for planes and now makes all kinds of tech that help people stay safe, fit, and explore the world.

Font and Colors

Garmin Emblem

For the Garmin brand logo, developers used a font with elongated letters. It shows similarities with several types of fonts. In particular, with Praktika from the Bold Extended group and FM Bolyar. In some lines and shapes, it is close to Media Gothic by Studio Media, Frutiger Bold (typographer Adrian Frutiger), and Rleud Extended by Stawix. The logo’s palette is less complex and consists of just two colors – black and blue.

Garmin Symbol

Garmin color codes

Ocean Boat BlueHex color:#007cc3
RGB:0 124 196
CMYK:100 36 0 24
Pantone:PMS 7461 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C