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IKEA is a Dutch group of companies that appeared in Sweden in 1943. She specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of furniture and interior items, for which she has opened over 400 stores. Thanks to its modern design and affordable cost of goods, it is a megapopular trademark. Today it has become a favorite shopping destination for millions of people around the world. Its founder is Ingvar Kamprad. The head point is located in Delft (Netherlands).

Meaning and History

IKEA Logo History
Evolution of the IKEA Logo

The company got its logo a year after its opening – in 1951. It is based on an acronym composed of the founder’s name and the name of the village where he was born. Therefore, IKEA stands for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. Over the years, the company has had more than ten emblems.

1951 – 1952

IKEA Logo 1951-1952

The debut version looks like a classic postage stamp made with sealing wax. These used to be put on parcels, registered and valuable letters. This association is not accidental and stems from the fact that Ingvar has been doing business since childhood: he bought small goods in bulk. He sold them at retail, delivering them personally to their homes or sending them by post. The middle of the logo is the word “IKEA” in lowercase, and around it is in the capital “Kvalitets Garanti.”

1952 – 1957

IKEA Logo 1952-1957

During this period, the emblem was simplified, leaving a white inscription on the khaki background with the company’s name. It served as a trademark label.

1952 – 1953

IKEA Logo 1952-1953

In parallel, another variation was developed. It shows a brown background in the form of a spot and several inscriptions: the name of the company, the designation of the year of issue of the catalog, and the name of the founder’s native village. The three-piece “spot” is enclosed in a brown-beige rectangle with vertical stripes.

1953 – 1955

IKEA Logo 1953-1955

In 1953, the background was simplified by making it a single color (beige). Only the word “IKEA” was left in the central element, and “Agunnaryd” was placed at the bottom right.

1955 – 1956

IKEA Logo 1955-1956

The designers changed the colors and shape of the logo. It now looks like a black rectangle with yellow elements inside.

1956 – 1957

IKEA Logo 1956-1957

A year later, another option appeared: a beige square with a black line along the edge.

1957 – 1958

Mobel-IKEA Logo 1957-1958

When the company changed its name to Mรถbel-IKEA, launching its furniture production, the logo was redesigned. The developers stepped up the base color to neon yellow and put a black background on it with a white IKEA lettering.

1958 – 1962

Mobel-IKEA Logo 1958-1962

Those years’ changes affected only the color palette: bright yellow was replaced with black, and the background in the form of a “spot” was made a diagonal oval.

1962 – 1967

Mobel-IKEA Logo 1962-1965

Mobel IKEA Logo 1966-1967

In 1962, the horizontal ellipse logo was launched. In the first version, the inscriptions were located above and below, in the second – below, but on a different background.

1967 – 2019

IKEA Logo 1967-2019

This is a legendary time in its history because it received its final name – IKEA without the Scandinavian sign above the letter “E.”

1981 – 1982

IKEA Logo 1981-1982

During those years, the brand used a red version of the main logo.

1982 – 2019

IKEA Logo 1982-2019

In 1982, all brand names were changed. But the changes did not affect the shape, details, letters – only the color of the logo was revised. It was then that the company first appeared with the legendary blue and yellow palette. Stockholm-based design bureau Seventy also created the trademark and alternative version.

2019 – present

IKEA Logo 2019-present

The current emblem is lighter in color than all previous versions. There is a narrow oval in the horizontal rectangle, in which the inscription “IKEA” is located. The main highlight of the logo is the golden ratio with the ideal aspect ratio and verified proportions.

Font and Color of the Emblem

IKEA Emblem

Both early and late versions have one characteristic element – the company name in the center section. Depending on the year, it is always supplemented with some geometric shapes: an oval, a circle, a square, vertical lines, a rectangle.

IKEA Symbol

The inscriptions on the logos are as simple as possible: the letters are smooth, strict, even sans serif. Since 1967, the word “IKEA” has become the predominant word written in a wide, massive typeface associated with heavy furniture.

The color scheme is not of the same type: in different years, brown, beige, gray, khaki, and red prevailed in it. After the 1982 redesign, the signature combination of yellow and blue appeared.