The IKEA emblem is an acronym of the place of birth and the name and surname of the company’s founder. Today, the emblem reflects a commitment to its origins despite the vast number of redesigns throughout the company’s history.

IKEA: Brand overview

IKEA is a Dutch group of companies that appeared in Sweden in 1943. It specializes in the design, production, and sale of furniture and interior items, for which it has opened more than 400 stores. Modern design and affordable prices have made it a mega-popular brand. Today, it has become a favorite shopping destination for millions of people around the world. The company was founded by Ingvar Kamprad. The company’s head office is located in Delft, Netherlands.

Meaning and History

IKEA Logo History

The company received its logo a year after opening – in 1951. The basis of the logo is an acronym consisting of the founder’s surname and the name of the village where he was born. Thus, IKEA stands for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. Over the years, the company has had more than ten emblems.

What is IKEA?

IKEA is a Dutch company that manufactures furniture and home goods for subsequent sale in an international chain of stores. The low cost of products is due to the reduction in assembly costs: customers have to assemble what they have purchased themselves. The organization has existed since 1943.

1951 – 1952

IKEA Logo 1951-1952

The debut version looks like a classic postal stamp made of sealing wax. Such stamps were placed on parcels, registered and valuable letters. This association is not accidental and is related to the fact that Ingvar has been in business since childhood: he bought small goods in bulk. He sold them to retail traders, delivering them personally to homes or sending them by mail. In the center of the logo is the word “IKEA” in lower case, and around it in upper case is “Kvalitets Garanti.”

1952 – 1957

IKEA Logo 1952-1957

During this period, the emblem was simplified, leaving a white inscription with the company’s name against a khaki background. It served as a trademark.

1952 – 1953

IKEA Logo 1952-1953

Another variation was developed in parallel. On it, against a brown background in the form of a spot, several inscriptions are depicted:

  • The company name
  • The year of the catalog’s release
  • The name of the founder’s native village

The three-part “spot” is enclosed in a brown-beige rectangle with vertical stripes.

1953 – 1955

IKEA Logo 1953-1955

In 1953, the background was simplified, making it monochrome (beige). In the central element, only the word “IKEA” remained, and in the lower right corner appeared the inscription “Agunnaryd.”

1955 – 1956

IKEA Logo 1955-1956

Designers changed the colors and shape of the logo. Now, it looks like a black rectangle with yellow elements inside.

1956 – 1957

IKEA Logo 1956-1957

A year later, another variant appeared: a beige square with a black line along the edge.

1957 – 1958

Mobel-IKEA Logo 1957-1958

When the company changed its name to Möbel-IKEA and launched furniture production, the logo was redesigned. The developers increased the main color to neon yellow and superimposed a black background with the white inscription IKEA.

1958 – 1962

Mobel-IKEA Logo 1958-1962

Changes in these years concerned only the color palette: bright yellow was replaced by black, and the background in the form of a “spot” turned into a diagonal oval.

1962 – 1967

Mobel-IKEA Logo 1962-1965

Mobel IKEA Logo 1966-1967

In 1962, a logo in the form of a horizontal ellipse appeared. In the first version, the inscriptions were located above and below; in the second – they were below but on a different background.

1967 – 2019

IKEA Logo 1967-2019

This is a legendary time in the company’s history, as it received its final name – IKEA, without the Scandinavian mark above the letter “E.”

1981 – 1982

IKEA Logo 1981-1982

During these years, the brand used a red version of the main logo.

1982 – 2019

IKEA Logo 1982-2019

In 1982, all brand names were changed. However, the changes did not affect the shape, details, or letters – only the color of the logo was revised. It was then that the company first appeared with the legendary blue and yellow palette. The Stockholm design bureau Seventy created both the trademark itself and its alternative version.

2019 – today

IKEA Logo 2019-present

The current emblem is lighter in color than all previous versions. In the horizontal rectangle is a narrow oval, which contains the inscription “IKEA.” The main feature of the emblem is the golden ratio with perfect aspect ratio and proportioned dimensions.

IKEA: Interesting Facts

IKEA is a big store in Sweden that sells furniture and other stuff for the home. It’s known for its good prices and smart designs.

  1. How It Started: Ingvar Kamprad created IKEA in 1943. IKEA’s name comes from his initials plus the name of the farm and village where he grew up.
  2. What They First Sold: At first, IKEA didn’t sell furniture. They sold things like pens and watches by mail. They began selling furniture in 1948.
  3. The First Store: The first IKEA opened in 1958 in Älmhult, Sweden. Now, there’s even an IKEA Museum there.
  4. Flat-Pack Furniture: IKEA-made furniture you put together yourself is popular. This started in 1956 because moving and storing furniture this way was easier and cheaper.
  5. The Catalog: IKEA used to have a big catalog distributed worldwide. More people had it than almost any other book! But in 2021, IKEA stopped producing it to focus on online products.
  6. The Stores: IKEA stores have a special path to follow, showing you everything they sell. It’s like a maze to make sure you see everything.
  7. Helping the Planet: IKEA is working to be better for the environment. By 2030, they want everything from renewable or recycled materials. They also sell solar panels and LED lights.
  8. Food: People love the food at IKEA, especially the Swedish meatballs. You can eat at the store or take food home.
  9. Billy Bookcase: The Billy Bookcase is super famous. It’s been one of the most sold bookcases since 1979, and they sell one every five seconds!
  10. Around the World: IKEA is a big deal everywhere, with many stores in many countries. People everywhere like their stuff because it looks good, works well, and costs less.

IKEA is more than just a furniture store. It’s changed how we think about and buy furniture for our homes.

Font and Colors

IKEA Emblem

Both early and late versions have one characteristic element – the company name in the central part. Depending on the year, it has always been complemented by geometric shapes: oval, circle, square, vertical lines, and rectangle.

IKEA Symbol

The inscriptions on the logos are maximally simplified: the letters are flat and strict, even without serifs. Since 1967, the dominant word has been “IKEA,” written in a wide, massive font associated with heavy furniture.

The color palette is not uniform: different years were dominated by brown, beige, gray, khaki, and red. After the redesign in 1982, the brand’s signature combination of yellow and blue appeared.

IKEA color codes

Medium Teal BlueHex color:#0058ab
RGB:0 88 171
CMYK:100 49 0 33
Pantone:PMS 2935 C
School Bus YellowHex color:#fbd914
RGB:251 217 20
CMYK:0 14 92 2
Pantone:PMS 108 C


What does the IKEA company logo represent?

The IKEA company logo represents its name, which stands for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. The first two words mean the name and surname of the company’s founder, and the third and fourth are the place where he lived in childhood. The combination of yellow and blue is a tribute to the color palette of the Swedish flag, as the trade group was originally based in this country.

Why did IKEA change its logo?

Few know, but in 2019, IKEA changed its logo to make the name more readable on physical and digital media. The designers slightly increased the inner letter spacing of “A,” increased the distance between the horizontal strokes of “E,” reduced the distance between the letters, and moved the registered trademark sign to the top right corner next to the word.

What font is used in the IKEA logo?

The font used to create the logo of the trade group is called Ikea Sans. It was created for individual use and is based on the Futura font. It is bold and grotesque, with contrasting line thickness.