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The John Deere logo shows that the company’s equipment fits perfectly into the environment. Machine operation is safe for the environment and animals. The emblem guarantees the company’s thorough knowledge of the process of construction, logging, and agriculture.

John Deere: Brand overview

Founder:John Deere
Moline, Illinois, U.S.
John Deere is a world-renowned engineering brand owned by the American company Deere & Company. He specializes in heavy-duty agricultural, logging, and construction equipment. The company was founded in 1837 when it was launched with the light hand of the entrepreneur and blacksmith John Deere, the steel plow’s inventor. Now it is an international corporation. Its head office is located in Moline, Illinois.

Meaning and History

John Deere Logo History

Despite the early period of appearance, the enterprise’s debut logo is of no interest; therefore, no one refers to it. The evolution of the emblems began in 1876, with the appearance of a galloping deer’s image. Names, he served as the basis for all subsequent options, akin to the engineering corporation.

What is John Deere?

The American corporation John Deere produces agricultural and heavy equipment: in particular, loaders, forwarders, combines, graders, excavators, ditchers, special equipment with a telescopic boom, tractors, and various equipment.

1876 ​​- 1912

John Deere Logo 1876-1912

The original version shows a largely black and white deer painted as close to its natural appearance. The animal is depicted a little from the side, so the body and legs ratio seems disproportionate. A horned deer jumps over a small log. There is an arched inscription to the right and left of its horns – the name of the company. Below is the phrase “Moline, ILL.”

1912 – 1950

John Deere Logo 1912-1950

In 1912, the management revised the logo and corrected the imbalance of the animal. The trademark’s design also changed; the slogan “the trademark of quality made famous by good implements” appeared, written at the bottom in capital sans serif letters.

1950 – 1968

John Deere Logo 1950-1968

In the middle of the 20th century, the company redesigned its branding. The result was a simple emblem with a deer’s schematic representation without a log at the bottom. The mascot of the company and the inscriptions surrounding it are taken in a figured frame.

1968 – 2000

John Deere Logo 1968-2000

After another transformation, the logo has acquired minimalism. Due to the lack of unnecessary information, it looks stylish: on the logo, only the name of the corporation and a jumping deer with less branched antlers.

2000 – today

John Deere Logo 2000-present

The new millennium’s dawn brought the engineering giant a legendary change: the logo now has a color and double edging. The company name has been moved out of the box.

Font and Colors

John Deere Emblem

From the very beginning, John Deere symbolism is associated with the image of a galloping deer. Today, the animal leaping forward is made graceful and graceful – as a hint at the ease of work of the produced equipment.

John Deere Symbol

Much attention was paid to the text part so that the inscriptions were well readable even on a miniature label. In the early years, a serif typeface was used. They were in bold, large letters. In 1968, the font became sleek, simple, sans serif. Until 2000, the logo was black and white, and then – green and yellow, in tune with the corporation’s traditional colors.

John Deere color codes

Japanese LaurelHex color:#367c2b
RGB:54 124 43
CMYK:56 0 65 51
Pantone:PMS 356 C
Golden YellowHex color:#ffde00
RGB:255 222 0
CMYK:0 13 100 0
Pantone:PMS 108 C

What does the John Deere logo mean?

The jumping deer in the John Deere logo symbolizes strength, stability, perseverance, hard work, and innovation.

What does the John Deere logo look like?

The basis of the logo is a green square with rounded sides and a gradient. A yellow stripe is drawn along its inner edge, which serves as a frame for a jumping deer of the same yellow color. Below is written in capital letters the phrase “JOHN DEERE.”

Who created the John Deere logo?

To create the current John Deere logo, Todd True, a designer at Landor, had a hand in it. He turned the “landing” deer into a “leaping” deer and used the iconic green color.

Can I use the John Deere logo?

Like any other identity, the John Deere logo may only be used with official permission from Deere & Company and subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Branding Guidelines.