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German quality, commitment to history, endless trust of users, and adherence to tradition are reflected in the Bosch logo. The Bosch logo can be found on auto parts, household, garden and construction equipment, and safety and energy-saving systems.

Bosch: Brand overview

Founded: 15 November 1886
Founder: Robert Bosch
Gerlingen, Germany
Bosch is one of the world leaders in the production of professional and household electrical products. It is part of the structure of the eponymous company Robert Bosch GmbH, formed in 1886, and is one of four divisions. The headquarters of the company is located in Gerlingen (Germany).

Meaning and History

Bosch Logo History

The brand is known for its unsurpassed product quality; therefore, it has earned an excellent reputation. Today, its emblem is easily recognizable in every corner of the world: branded products are in great demand because many buyers trust products with the Bosch logo.

Over the years, the company has changed its visual identity several times but has always remained within the framework of its concept: quality, clarity, simplicity. The first options reflected the enterprise’s original scope: it specialized in the manufacture of devices with magnetic ignition coils.

What is Bosch?

It is a brand of the German concern Robert Bosch GmbH, which produces components for cars, garden equipment, household appliances, construction equipment, security systems, energy-saving technologies, and industry. The company was named after its creator, the German inventor Robert Bosch, who opened the workshop in 1886.

1900 – 1907

Robert Bosch Logo 1900-1907

The technical giant’s debut logo appeared in 1900 since the trademark was officially registered only in 1899. The emblem consisted of the first and last name of the founder, Robert Bosch, with two patterns on the sides. The font is thin, elegant, with an emphasis on “R” (she has an extended leg) and “B” (the inner stroke is located diagonally). The second half was occupied by the image of a magnetic bobbin and bolts with electric discharges sparkling in different directions.

1907 – 1913

Bosch Logo 1907-1913

This is a significant period in the evolution of the logo, as it received a new design that served as the basis for all other variants. The designers made the symbol visually lighter. They truncated the name, leaving only “Bosch.” The word was written in a wide italic font with geometric pointed letters, and the element on the left was made half the size. The electromagnetic coil, on the other hand, has been enlarged with a focus on it. Outgoing current discharges are now directed to the right and left, and a cable simulation is shown on top.

1913 – 1925

Bosch Logo 1913-1925

In 1914, a redesign was undertaken, which overhauled the brand name. It has acquired a modern and minimalist look. The emblem now consists of five fused letters in a classic sans-serif uppercase font. The symbols are thick, dashed, gray, outlined with a thin outline. The graphic part is simplified: it contains only an electromagnetic element surrounded by a ring.

1925 – 1981

Bosch Logo 1925-1981

In 1925, the developers diluted monochrome with bright red, so the logo began to look much brighter and more relevant. It was this palette that was continued in subsequent modifications. Scarlet capital letters of medium thickness and the black outline mark on the left stand out against the white background, drawing consumers’ attention.

1981 – 2002

Bosch Logo 1981-2002

The design update during these years did not bring significant changes. The previous version’s differences are only in the thickening of the font in the company name and the lines of the electromagnetic coil. Also, the intensity was added to the red. In this form, the emblem existed for 20 years.

2002 – 2018

Bosch Logo 2002-2018

The transition to the new millennium required a modern version. Therefore, the designers proposed a three-dimensional logo, for which they used a “metallic” design. They made the graphic a silvery gray, added brightness to the lettering, and increased its size.

2018 – today

Bosch Logo 2018-present

After 17 years, Bosch decided to simplify visual identification again, so they returned the old 2D logo. At the same time, she retained a gray palette to emphasize the connection with the technique. This is how a dark ash magnetic coil appeared in a circle. The lettering remains the same: simple, smooth uppercase letters with smooth beveled edges.

Font and Colors

Bosch Emblem

The current logo of the leader in electrical products reflects the brand’s strength and heritage and demonstrates the parent company’s progress and growth. Austere, simple lines convey his directness and accessibility. Bright color represents the energy that products give, and gray symbolizes professionalism, practicality, and reliability.

Bosch Symbol

The company has its brand book for which the corporate font Bosch Family is specially made. Bosch uses a font pair of two grotesques: thick, weighty letters for the logo and light, thin letters for the slogan.

Bosch color codes

Pigment Red Hex color: #ec1b24
RGB: 236 27 36
CMYK: 0 89 85 7
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C
Medium Gray Hex color: #bbbec0
RGB: 187 190 192
CMYK: 3 1 0 25
Pantone: PMS 428 C

What does the Bosch symbol mean?

The mysterious H-shaped icon consisting of two semi-ovals and a rectangle is a simplified representation of one of the components of the magnetoelectric machine that was the first Bosch product.

What is the origin of the Bosch logo?

The original logo of the German company consisted of a graphic image of an anchor (an element of a magnetoelectric machine) in a magnetic case. Electric discharges emanated from him. On the right was the name of the person who founded the company: “ROBERT BOSCH.”