GoCart is a new payment platform with a clear and effective identity

GoKart Logo

New payment platform – GoCart has created a visual identity in-house with Digitas, aiming to accurately and effectively represent itself to the consumer. As one of the representatives of financial applications, GoCart has important features that distinguish it from its peers and provide users with several advantages. Having FIS support, a completely different voice that makes it easier to understand the principles of application for a crowded category, the platform will automatically recognize the user when placing an order, which will save time for identification and allow you to pay in any way immediately. These features needed to be implemented in a concise visual display, emphasizing a fast and easy payment process.

GoKart New Logo

The developed logo was built based on Nizar Kazan’s Lausanne typeface, which was modified, taking into account the characteristics of the brand and the chosen style. For a more accurate display of the essence of the platform, the most effective combination of two shades of the color palette – black and white – was chosen as the main one. The black background, on which the system’s name is applied in white, provides a catchy and attractive logo. The absence of unnecessary visual information, conciseness, and clarity of highlighting each letter ensured memorability of the emblem, recognizability, and ease of reading in any form – print or digital. At the same time, in digital format, the title is easily readable at any scale, which is facilitated by the contrast of the composition.

GoKart Emblem

For the development of web visualization, the brightest colors were applied, in which some graphic elements and photographs were made. This method made it possible to create a cheerful atmosphere, with the help of which it is very convenient to acquaint the user with the main advantage of the brand – the provision of payments for anything, anywhere, and how. At the same time, this palette choice provided GoCart’s individuality, highlighting it in the sea of ​​conservative colors that similar platforms and competitors traditionally use in their branding.

Considering that GoCart is a completely new development, combining visualization and internal interface was necessary to educate users on how to use this service. This was facilitated by creating “transparent” graphics, a series of fluid animated layouts that reflect the various functions of the program. It was especially important to implement this in mobile applications, which were effectively implemented.