Goldling: organic product – organic design

Goldling Spirits Logo

The food industry is a niche that, one might say, will never go into oblivion. As long as man lives, so many different recipes, new dishes, innovative traditions of food creation will appear.

Also, this branch is a treasure trove for designers and other representatives of the creative profession because it is possible to put maximum creative potential in each product.

On the example of the Goldling brand, we can talk about how cool it was for creative agents on the identity. Made not just a wow effect, but real magic on labels and other objects.

First, it’s worth taking a little bit about the brand to understand why the designers went a certain way. Goldling is a new brand created by B&B Studio for businessman Max Dodd-Noble. The company’s products are carbonated drinks based on organic vodka—quite an interesting idea twist for the beverage industry.

Canned cocktails have long gained consumers’ love because of something affordable, convenient, and simple. Who lacks experience and positive emotions, roughly speaking, can “buy” them in the supermarket. Young people are the main target audience for such products, and the emphasis in the design is on them.

Goldling Spirits New Logo

The key concept of Goldling drinks is a premium bar “in hand.” Attractiveness, novelty, freshness of images – these are the reference points for the identity.

It’s worth paying attention to the logo. In contrast to the elements of graphics, which consists of photo collages and vector graphics, there is a laconicism and a proud highlight – the selected serif font.

He creates the impression of an expensive and refined cocktail, which is suitable for a pleasant pastime in the company of friends and a great evening.

The logo seems to have the character of a snob, an expert in selecting a good company. It is created with the help of flat letters, with slightly thickened borders, swirls in the letters G, and the bottom of the letter D has a slightly raised bottom corner. It looks intriguing, spicy.

In general, the font logo looks homogeneous due to the monotonous letters and color, but below, there is a postscript in another, chopped font – SPIRITS CO.

Goldling Spirits Emblem

A line of organic vodka and sodas with natural ingredients such as strawberries, pomegranate, cayenne pepper, and other exotic elements set the brand apart from other carbonated beverage manufacturers.

It’s handy to have a bit of a “club” vibe on hand. It seems like a simple soda with alcohol, but at the same time, it has bright flavors, colorful images, and a beautiful presentation.

This brand combines everything. And interesting naming, which shows the VIP status of the product, and design logo, which with its conciseness elegance strikes connoisseurs of spontaneous parties. And also, the packaging design, which immediately grabs the attention and makes the buyer look in the direction of the product. Here, no matter how you look at it, every detail catches the eye. Not to mention the taste of the drinks.

Organic product design is Goldling’s unspoken motto.