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The Goldman Sachs logo represents a safe, safe deposit box. Clients’ money is safe and can be kept in the institution indefinitely. The emblem shows that despite its venerable age, the bank uses modern technologies in its work.

Goldman Sachs : Brand overview

Founder:Marcus Goldman, Samuel Sachs
New York, U.S.
Goldman Sachs is one of the largest and oldest banks in the world, founded in 1869. Its founders are financial businessmen Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs. Now he has grown to become the main dealer in the American securities market and offers brokerage, investment management, and asset maintenance services. They are ranked among the world leaders among financial institutions. Its headquarters are located in New York City, Manhattan (USA).

Meaning and History

Goldman Sachs Logo History

When the bank was founded, Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs decided to give it their surnames. As a result, the name “Goldman Sachs” appeared. The prerequisites for the development of the financial institution were so successful. The actions were profitable that it has become an industry giant, and its logo is known in many countries around the world. Despite occasional difficulties, he successfully overcame them.

Today, the list of its services is represented by most of the professional operations: investments of any type, banking, credit cards, etc. He also has several subsidiaries and a high level of trust. Moreover, the institution changed its logo only once (in 2020), giving preference to classics and traditions’ sustainability.

What is Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs is a financial conglomerate that has been nicknamed The Firm in the professional environment. Many learned about him when the movie The Big Short, dedicated to the events of the financial crisis, was released.

1869 – 2020

Goldman Sachs Logo 1869-2020

The debut emblem contains only one element – the name of the financial and banking structure. This style is used specifically to show the bank as practical and transparent. By choosing a laconic design, the institution underlined its confidence, as evidenced by its expanded scope.

The top third of the logo reads “Goldman Sachs” clearly and clearly. The phrase is located in two lines. Its background is a blue square of regular shape. But the most important feature of the emblem is the unique combination of letters – upper and lower (“G” and “S”) and two adjacent (“c” and “h”). Moreover, “h” and “d” have shortened legs, “a” does not have a bottom stroke, “m” and “n” are identical in shape since they are equally smooth.

2020 – today

Goldman Sachs Logo 2020-present

The modern version visually repeats the previous logo but still differs from it in some details. In this version, there is no connection between “G” and “S,” “c” and “h”: the designers have simplified the letters, making them classic. They also added serifs to them, which now have not only the “S” and “G,” but other signs, except “O.” Also, the developers changed the color of the square, giving the blue a slight purple tint.

Goldman Sachs: Interesting Facts

Goldman Sachs is a big company that invests and manages money, and it’s been around since 1869. It was started by a man named Marcus Goldman in New York City. Later, his son-in-law, Samuel Sachs, joined him, and together, they grew the company a lot.

  1. Start: Marcus Goldman, who came from Germany, began trading promissory notes. When Samuel Sachs joined him, their company started to grow big.
  2. Helping Businesses: They helped create a new way for businesses to get money without always having to go through banks. This was a big deal and changed how companies handled their money.
  3. Big Deals: Goldman Sachs has helped many companies become public, meaning people can buy shares. One of the biggest they helped was Ford Motor Company in 1956.
  4. Worldwide Growth: The company didn’t just stay in New York; it grew worldwide with offices in many countries. This made it a very powerful and important bank.
  5. Government Connections: Many people who used to work at Goldman Sachs ended up in government jobs. This helped the company but also made some people unhappy.
  6. Making It Through Tough Times: When the big financial crisis hit in 2008, Goldman Sachs managed to get through it better than many others. They changed a bit to make sure they could keep going.
  7. Helping Others: They’ve done a lot to help people, too, like starting programs to support women entrepreneurs worldwide.
  8. Facing Problems: Like many big companies, Goldman Sachs has had its share of problems, which have left people questioning what they do. They’ve been involved in some big financial issues and have dealt with legal stuff.
  9. New Ideas: They’re known for developing new financial services and products that have changed finance.
  10. In Pop Culture, you might see Goldman Sachs mentioned in movies or books because it is a big symbol of success (and sometimes excess) on Wall Street.

Overall, Goldman Sachs has played a big part in today’s financial world. They’ve been involved in big changes and helped businesses grow, and even though they’ve faced challenges, they’re still a company many people talk about.

Font and Colors

Goldman Sachs Emblem

From the very beginning, the corporate symbol was minimalistic and remained so throughout its existence. The style of the inscription changed, but its location, shape, and color did not. The actions in relation to the square are similar: it has always acted as a contrasting background for a financial institution’s name. No other details were added because the bank’s management wanted a clear logo that emphasized the availability of services and simplicity for potential customers.

Goldman Sachs custom typeface was created for a large and respected financial company. In the first emblem, it is a combination of serif and sans serif letters. In the second, it is written with serifs in all cases. Also, Univers, Roboto, and Sabon are available for various media.

The color scheme is simple in terms of the number of shades but complex in their depth. For example, both logos use blue, but in the debut logo, it is heavenly, in the color of the building’s facades in which the bank is located, and in the current one – with a slight touch of lilac.

Goldman Sachs color codes

Blue GrayHex color:#6b96c3
RGB:107 150 195
CMYK:45 23 0 24
Pantone:PMS 7688 C

What is Goldman Sachs symbol?

The Goldman Sachs market symbol is GS. It is listed under this ticker on the New York Stock Exchange.

Who started Goldman Sachs?

The founder of the financial group Goldman Sachs is Marcus Goldman, a Jewish banker who lived in Bavaria and worked as a school teacher before emigrating to the United States.

What is Goldman Sachs motto?

In 2019, the bank started using the slogan “You Can Money.” But the most famous advertising motto of the company sounds like this: “Our client’s interests always come first.” It reflects the key principle of its work.

Is Goldman Sachs a brand?

Goldman Sachs is a brand with its marketing strategy and visual identity.