Gourmet getaways and quirky arts at the refurbished 2SLGBTQ+ Village Montréal

Village Montréal Logo

Village Montréal – formerly the Le Village de l’Est district in Ville-Marie borough of Montréal, Quebec, Canada is operated by SDC, Business Development Company. It has formed a community united by the common direction 2SLGBTQ +, which receives 1.5 million visitors per year to celebrate Pride. Here, the main entertainment and catering facilities are located – restaurants and hotels, boutiques and bars, areas for the provision of professional, technical, and aesthetic services. In the spring of 2021, the brand removed the word “gay” from its name to represent all communities with different sexual orientations and gender identities. A new identity was developed to these changes, which was presented at the end of last year.

Village Montréal New Logo

The new identity has become an effective way to address those who make up the population of the Village. With her help, it became possible to share her messages with everyone who does not consider themselves a member of this community but should know that the Village Montréal is ready to meet everyone who wants to participate in the bright celebration of life. To accurately indicate the purpose of the area and demonstrate options that ensure viability, facts and moments found through ethnographic research, reflected in the identity, were applied. The main way was to reflect the plurality of voices characteristic of different communities, enterprises, activities, and sexual and gender orientations. Visualization was the impetus that pushed people to aspire to discover the Village and experience what it has always been. It is very attractive to receive to show the opportunities that open up for anyone to know themselves and their essence, and regardless of this, find their interest here.

Village Montréal Symbol

The implementation of this plan was initiated by the developed logo, which explained the concept of integration with the “=” symbol included in its composition. It was “derived” from the double “L” included in the Village wordmark. Such a performance symbolizes the compilation of all the features of the area, where the implementation of the unity of all variables is constantly changing the overall whole. The constant evolution, variability, and diversity inherent in the brand became the basis of visualization. For this, various typographic technologies, messages, and layouts were used, which formed the graphic basis of the brand’s visual design composition.

Village Montréal Before and After Logo (History)