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Gucci Logo

Gucci Logo
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Gucci is a world-famous fashion house from Italy. The company engaged in the manufacture of clothing, bags, jewelry, perfumes, and accessories. It is located in the city of Florence and exists since 1921. Fashion designer Guccio Gucci founded the company.

Meaning and History

Gucci Logo History
Evolution of the Gucci Logo

Before creating a synonym for bright luxury and unique prestige, Guccio worked in Parisian and London hotels. Once Guccio, carrying out his work, carried the suitcase of one guest of the hotel and was impressed by its quality. This influenced the young manโ€™s worldview so much that in 1920 he returned to his homeland and opened a leather goods store. Of course, the assortment was dominated by suitcases, as well as saddles and boots for riding.

Experienced artisans worked for him, who did not lose sight of a single trifle, so the boutique quickly became popular and successful. As a result, in 1921, a new brand officially appeared with retail outlets in Florence, Rome, and Milan. In 1953, the owner passed away, and his company was equally divided between his sons, one of whom moved to the United States, where he achieved resounding success, making the company logo recognizable all over the world.

Gucci Symbol

The famous symbol of the fashion house arose in 1944 when Aldo Gucci joined the family business. Until then, the company worked without its trademark and had no official graphic differences. Conceiving the logo, the founderโ€™s son decided to combine two identical letters of his fatherโ€™s initials, since they coincided successfully.

He portrayed two interconnected GGs, making them an element of prestige. At first, the logo was located next to the name Gucci, and then completely replaced it, because it really caught my eye and was well remembered. The emblem turned out to be so attractive that it not only attracted attention but never changed since its inception. She always remained minimalistic, elegant, refined, testifying to the impeccable taste of customers who choose the branded products of this Fashion House.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Gucci Emblem

Not everything was so flawless and cloudless around a prestigious fashion sign. It is associated with many court cases, family scandals, divisions, litigation, and even murder. This is how the symbol, in which the main elements are closely connected, actually separated close people. At first, it was a brooch, which was later transferred to suitcases and bags, making it something like marking or label.

It was first introduced in the Gucci pret-a-porter collection. This high-profile event dates from the 1968th year. A combination of two capital letters was present in countless variations, forms, and materials. In the beginning, the signs were even upside down and abstract. However, the key, all the same, remained two semicircles connected โ€œface to face.โ€

Thanks to the crossing of lines, they form hidden symbols that convey sacred meaning. If you look closely at the ends of the โ€œG,โ€ you can see a downward pointing arrow or heart with an open upper part. The graphic element is also often complemented by the expanded name of the Fashion House, which is written in Serif font, reminiscent of Granjon Roman.

Gucci Logo 1921-present

Also, branding includes the flag of the company. It was created in the 50s of the last century. It is painted in brand colors – a combination of green and red. This distinguishing mark is also involved in the fashion industry: it can be recognized on some handbags, clutches, and even a bikini.

The color scheme of the emblem is diverse and depends on the specific place of its use. On leather products, it is made in the form of a print and painted in tone with the color of the materials. On exquisite handbags and jewelry, it is used in the form of a patch of metal or plastic brooch and can be golden or silver.

In general, the Gucci label depends on the color of the material, as it is printed, engraved, painted, burned, and even made with crocodile and lizard skin. In particular, for the fashion industry, the logo with the doubled โ€œGGโ€ is used in the gold version for business papers – in black and white color.