Gun Emoji

Gun Emoji

Did you know that there are rules about what emojis can look like? That’s right – there are groups of people who decide what emojis we can use.

One interesting change in the emoji world was with the gun emoji. A while back, this emoji used to look like a real gun. But then, people started thinking about how this might not be the best idea. They wanted emojis to be fun and safe for everyone. So, what did they do? They changed the old gun emoji to a water gun!

Now, when you see the 🔫 emoji, it’s not a real gun but a harmless toy water gun. It’s bright green and looks nothing like a real weapon. This change was all about making sure emojis are good for everyone, especially for kids and teens who use them a lot.

The gun emoji, with its special code U+1F52B, was added to our phones and computers back in 2010. It’s part of a group of emojis called “Activities.” This change shows how emojis aren’t just about fun; they’re also about keeping things friendly and appropriate for everyone who uses them.

Meaning of the Gun Emoji

Water Gun Emoji

A few years ago, something big happened in the world of emojis. In 2016, the decision was made to change the emoji real black gun to a more toy-like gun. This change was pushed for by people who wanted stricter rules on carrying guns. They thought that the emoji of a real gun wasn’t a good thing to have, especially with all the serious stuff happening, like protests and school shootings in the US.

Apple was the first big tech company to make this change. They switched the black gun emoji for a toy water gun, and this happened back in 2016. After a couple of years, other companies like Microsoft and Google followed suit. They all agreed that it was a good idea to have a less serious, more playful emoji instead of a real gun.

Now, when you look for a gun emoji, you’ll find a toy water pistol. It’s bright green and looks nothing like a real gun. It’s more about fun and games than anything else. The whole idea was to take away any sense of threat or violence from the emoji world. The bright green water gun emoji is all about keeping things light and friendly, especially in messages and social media posts.

The Use of the Gun Emoji

Emoji with Gun

In the emoji world, things can change a lot over time. This was definitely true for the Pistol emoji. A while back, the emoji that looked like a real pistol was pretty straightforward in its meaning. It usually stood for things like aggression or danger. But things have changed now, and the way we see and use the Pistol emoji is quite different.

Instead, it’s a toy water gun used for fun stuff. It’s all about splashing water and playing around, not about being aggressive or threatening. This shift in the emoji’s appearance and meaning makes it more suitable for all kinds of conversations, especially in a world where we’re more aware of the impact of symbols of violence.

However, some older versions of emoji sets, like those from Messenger, LG, HTC, and Mozilla, haven’t been updated. So, in these sets, the Pistol emoji might still look like a real gun. But these sets aren’t being actively developed anymore, which means they’re kind of like old snapshots of how emojis used to be.


The 🔫 emoji, also known as the water pistol or squirt gun emoji, has various uses and connotations in digital communication:

  • Playfulness: Often used to denote playfulness, especially in contexts involving children’s games, water fights, or light-hearted pranks.
  • Harmlessness: Unlike its previous design as a realistic gun, the current water pistol design emphasizes harmlessness and non-violence. It’s used to convey a sense of fun without aggressive undertones.
  • Metaphor for Impact: Sometimes, it’s employed metaphorically to represent an impact or effect, though in a non-threatening way, like “hitting a target” in a friendly competition or achieving a goal.
  • Expression of Frustration or Annoyance: In some contexts, it can be used to express mild annoyance or frustration, but in a non-serious, almost humorous way.
  • Pop Culture and Entertainment: Occasionally, it appears in discussions related to water-themed entertainment, movies, or video games, particularly those that are light-hearted or aimed at a younger audience.

Many companies around the world are doing something really important – they’re working to make the internet and our messages a bit friendlier. One cool thing they’ve done is change how they show certain emojis. This might seem small, but it actually makes a big difference. It shows that even small changes, like a different emoji, can help make our online world a happier, more positive place.