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The Habitat For Humanity logo is smooth and harmonious. The emblem’s elements convey ideas of protection and care. Everyone in the organization’s purview can have a roof over their heads.

Habitat For Humanity: Brand overview

Founder:Millard Fuller, Linda Fuller
Administrative headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Global/international headquarters: Americus, Georgia, U.S.
Habitat For Humanity is a Christian organization founded in America by the Fuller couple in 1976. It ranks 14th among the largest charitable associations globally. Its primary mission is to demonstrate God’s love in action by constructing and rehabilitating homes. They operate with five regional offices worldwide and 2,250 branches covering 100 countries.

Meaning and History

Habitat For Humanity Logo History

The HFHI emblem was introduced shortly after the society’s foundation and remains consistent, symbolizing its reliability and commitment to its mission. The logo uses universally understood symbols that are comprehensible in any country. The depiction of people under a roof evokes unity, support, and protection. The logo clearly describes Habitat’s purpose. Emotions of joy and tranquility are also encoded in its lines and colors.

What is Habitat For Humanity?

In 45 years, the Christian charity organization HFHI has assisted 35 million people! The participants constantly seek volunteers for work and funding to construct affordable housing for the poor and homeless. They’ve successfully built 300,000 homes. The organization has both an operational and administrative headquarters in Georgia and Atlanta.

1976 – today

Habitat For Humanity Logo

On the logo’s right side is a schematic depiction of three people under a green roof, symbolizing a home. This illustration emphasizes the primary mission of HFHI – to provide shelter for those who lack it. The three figures represent a family, embodying the care for children and older people and the collective effort for the benefit of residents. The imagery highlights mutual support and the involvement of other community members and Habitat workers in the family’s fate. The message is clear: you are not alone.

The figures have their hands raised, signifying:

  • The joy of realizing a dream.
  • Direct involvement of the future homeowners in constructing the shelter above their heads. A family that applies for a house contributes to its construction and pays an affordable mortgage.

Individual house elements in the logo imply the construction, repair, or restoration processes in which community residents and volunteers from the USA participate.

The organization’s name is split into two levels on the left. The word “Habitat” is more prominent, while “For Humanity” is in smaller, flowing letters. “Habitat” represents a decent place to live, pointing to cities and communities as man-made ecosystems the organization helps build.

Font and Colors

The blue and green hues of the logo exude safety, health, and hope.

  • Green – signifies growth and expansion. It reflects the construction process of building one’s home. Green is the color of life. The organization brings hope and supports life, also representing eco-friendliness. Houses are environmentally friendly and constructed from safe materials.
  • Blue – stands for technology. Thoughtful, systematic fulfillment of commitments taken on by HFHI and program participants. Every house is built following technical documentation and requirements to ensure safety and durability. Occupants must consistently pay the mortgage to own the home.

The unique font used for the logo is Monotype Clearface Gothic Std Bold. The lines, expanded at the ends, emphasize openness to others’ needs and the stability achieved through collaboration with Habitat.