Handi became Bump’n and updated the logo

Bump'n Logo

The original company that made sex toys for people with disabilities was called Handi and had a simple blue-purple logo. The main interesting accent was in the letter H – the dash showed a wave, and the letter A had a nice curve at the bottom.

Nothing in the name and logo hinted at the specifics of the product or the target audience.

After a while, the company decided to carry out a large-scale rebranding, including a new naming and development of a logo with a corporate identity.

Bump'n New Logo

The concept was based on just the word meaning bend, impact, bulge. Sufficiently informative and illustrative. Playfully letting the target audience know that the manufacturer has a lot of interesting things for entertainment, it became possible due to the special spelling of the new name – Bump’n.

The word means the process of lightly hitting, pushing, or shaking. The name is unambiguously intriguing and invites you to explore the range of products in more detail.

Many questions were solved with the help of the logo. First, the apostrophe was replaced with an exclamation point. This can mean several aspects in communication: attention that is paid to people with disabilities; focus on product quality and variety; emphasis on the fact that accessories and toys have a specific use.

Bump'n Emblem

Secondly, the idea of ​​smoothness and softness of the lines in the font is preserved, as well as the colors are chosen with taste. It is a deep blue and delicate purple. Invariants of the corporate identity, black, purple, white, and orange, are used, turning a gradient into lilac.

It is impossible to say with certainty which logo looks best. Both – the old and the new are self-sufficient, logically built, and organic.

The fact is that the naming led to a change in the visual image, which is why such graphic changes were made.

The impressions of the logos are good, so it can be argued that both of them did not cause cognitive dissonance.

Bump'n and Handi Before and After Logo (history)

With the emergence of the new name, many branded products will be developed. Such a move will only play into the hands of a developing brand because the principle of novelty says that people willingly accept changes from the outside when it comes directly to the things they are surrounded by. This update has become an interesting marketing approach in attracting and expanding the target audience. Given the public’s interest in various kinds of entertainment and the tendency to spend time at home, in the company of loved ones in a pandemic, a little positive and playful relationship will not hurt. The brand represents a certain kind of product and helps relieve stress for people who, due to their characteristics, cannot afford pleasure in specific conditions.

The niche that Bump’n occupies is quite specific but also promising. Therefore, the new design will only stir up interest in the company’s products and make it possible for those who do not have great opportunities to feel free and easy.