H&H Bagels Refreshes Its Brand Identity

H&H Bagels Logo New

H&H Bagels, a staple of New York City’s culinary scene since 1972, has introduced a new brand identity featuring a redesigned H&H Bagels logo as it prepares to expand its footprint across the United States. Known for its distinctive bagels, which are made using the original recipe and artisanal water bagel method, H&H Bagels has enjoyed a revered status not just in New York but globally, thanks in part to its cultural legacy and mentions in popular media.

The rebranding effort focuses on aligning the visual identity with the quality and tradition that H&H Bagels represents. While serviceable, the previous logo placed more emphasis on “Bagels” than the iconic “H&H,” potentially underplaying the brand’s unique identity. The new logo addresses this by bringing “H&H” to the forefront, with a sophisticated ampersand nestled between two sans-serif “H”s, encapsulated within an Art Deco Lite typeface. This adjustment not only corrects the brand hierarchy but also infuses the logo with a blend of elegance and simplicity.

H&H Bagels Logo Evolution

Additionally, introducing a tag-like holding shape nods to the brand’s extensive history, moving away from the more conventional circular design. This choice is a subtle homage to the past while positioning H&H Bagels as a modern and memorable brand ready for nationwide recognition.

Despite the limited scope of its application showcased so far, the new brand elements hold promise for a comprehensive and engaging visual language. GT Walsheim’s use in the brand’s typography balances contemporary and nostalgic, echoing the brand’s evolution while honoring its roots. Incorporating Workhorse Script for more playful and dynamic elements, alongside customized tagline typography, adds depth and personality to the brand’s communication.

H&H Bagels Logo Old

As H&H Bagels announces plans to open 25 new stores across the United States, from Boca Raton, FL, to Knoxville, TN, the refreshed brand identity signifies a new chapter for the company. It aims to capture a broad mainstream appeal, maintaining its quintessential New York charm without feeling out of place in new markets.