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Nightlife is in full swing in the hotels, casinos, and restaurants of the company. The Hooters logo shows a willingness to serve customers at any time and demonstrates an extraordinary approach and intelligent entertainment for midnight visitors.

Hooters: Brand overview

Founded: October 4, 1983
Founder: Lynn D. Stewart, Gil DiGiannantonio, Ed Droste, Billy Ranieri, Ken Wimmer, Dennis Johnson
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Website: hooters.com
Even the founders did not believe in the success of the first Hooters restaurant. They considered their business an April Fool’s joke and did not even hope that anyone would be interested in it. But everything turned out differently: the rights to the brand were bought by a group of investors led by Robert Howell Brooks. This is how the Hooters of America, Inc. organization was born, which opened several new food outlets, a hotel-casino, and its airline. In addition, there is a separate restaurant chain Hooters, Inc. It uses the same trademark, although a different investment firm owns it.

Meaning and History

Hooters Logo History

Hooters, a food and entertainment brand, has become famous worldwide for its unusual concept, built on a friendly atmosphere. Guests of establishments can order chicken wings and chat with the so-called Hooters Girls – waitresses who should smile cheerfully and support any conversation. They wear the same uniform: white T-shirts with the franchise logo and short orange shorts. Because of their appearance and the menu of beer, sandwiches, salads, and seafood, the beach mood always prevails in restaurants. It is not surprising that whole families go there to eat and relax.

Despite the lack of overt vulgarity, the Hooters brand image is built on ambiguities. Even in her name, a subtext can be noticed if you know the North American slang: the word “hooters” disparagingly refers to a woman’s breasts. As the owners of the brand admitted, this is reflected in the logo. The designers deliberately made the letters “O” look double by adding black dots inside. The main meaning of the term (“whistle”) is also interestingly played: in the background, there is an owl known for its ability to hoot loudly.

What is Hooters?

Hooters is a restaurant brand that employs half-naked waitresses. It belongs to two organizations: Hooters, Incorporated from the Florida city of Clearwater, and Hooters of America, Incorporated from Atlanta. The history of the trademark began in 1983 when six acquaintances decided to start an unusual business.

1983 – 2013

Hooters Logo 1983-2013

As Dave Henninger, who is in charge of marketing strategy for Hooters of America, admitted, the franchise’s very first logo was once an illustration in the dictionary. The artists copied the finished drawing – a long-eared owl with striped brown and white feathers. Given the source of origin, the image is detailed. But the bird’s eyes were not visible: they were covered by two large orange letters “O” from the word “HOOTERS.” Only small dots-pupils were shown from the in-letter gaps. The lettering was in the foreground and looked out of the ordinary thanks to the bold bubble font.

2013 – today

Hooters Logo 2013-present

On July 18, 2013, the brand owners presented a new version of the owl. The redesign has been timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the opening of the first Hooters restaurant. It was hosted by Sky Design, which was tasked with bringing millennials to the catering chain. Experts have kept the franchise’s legacy but changed its presentation: now the bird looks less realistic and smoother.

Two letters “O” in combination with sharp brown ears seem to be a carnival mask. The teardrop-shaped wing is set forward. It resembles the bristles of an art brush. The detailed feathers were replaced by colored spots: brown and gray in several shades.

The modern logo reflects Hooters’ transformation. Surveys have shown that customers rated the new brand image highly and selected it nine times out of 10. The transformed symbol gradually appeared on all signs, banners, uniforms, digital platforms, products, and restaurant menus. It became part of a massive campaign because even the food changed with the owl. The network wanted to attract women’s attention, but how effective its methods were is unclear: the eyes of the iconic bird still look ambiguous.

Font and Colors

Hooters Emblem

The Hooters brand name is called Hootie. It has been criticized more than once because of double associations, but the brand owners do not see anything wrong with this. They are confident that a little provocative irony will not harm the image of the restaurants but will only increase the flow of customers. The company has redesigned Starbucks and Wendy’s to showcase its modernity. This move allowed her to catch up with competitors in the face of Tilted Kilt and Twin Peaks. As a result, the old scruffy owl became younger and more streamlined, while the ambiguity of the bird’s eyes was preserved.

Hooters Symbol

The iconic emblem is combined with the ‘HOOTERS’ lettering. Designers used cartoon typography for its design – a bubble bold sans serif font. The color of the word is also very bold because orange is closely associated with pop culture and the freedom-loving hippie movement. It reflects an atmosphere of happiness, ease, and good humor. The owl, in turn, is depicted in several shades of gray and brown.

Hooters color codes

Mystic Red Hex color: #ff5000
RGB: 255 80 0
CMYK: 0 69 100 0
Pantone: PMS Orange 021 C
Timberwolf Hex color: #dad6cc
RGB: 218 214 204
CMYK: 0 2 6 15
Pantone: PMS 7527 C
Pale Silver Hex color: #cdc3b9
RGB: 205 195 185
CMYK: 0 5 10 20
Pantone: PMS Warm Gray 2 C
Chocolate Hex color: #672d00
RGB: 103 45 0
CMYK: 0 56 100 60
Pantone: PMS 7526 C
Pale Brown Hex color: #93775f
RGB: 147 119 96
CMYK: 0 19 35 42
Pantone: PMS 7504 C

What does the Hooters logo mean?

The owl logo illustrates the name of the restaurant chain. The fact is that the word hooters means a hooting owl, and in common parlance – a woman’s breast. The latter is hinted at by two O s located in the place of the bird’s eyes. The original drawing (without inscription) was taken from the dictionary.

What is the font of the Hooters logo?

For the word ‘Hooters,’ the designers used a bubble font with bold lines. The letters don’t have serifs. The design of the lettering is in line with the playful concept of the brand.

What does the logo symbolize Hooters Logo?

The Hooters logo symbolizes the two concepts that are combined in the name of this fast food restaurant chain. The first is an owl that makes loud noises. The second is female breasts in colloquial slang. Both meanings are reflected in one emblem: the owl is depicted with large eyes, which have two small dots in the middle, due to which there is an association with the chest. At the same time, the pupils form two letters - standing next to ‘O’ in the brand name.

Why is the Hooters logo an owl?

The owl is depicted in the Hooters logo because of the shrill cry; it is often called ‘beep,’ and this word is spelled that way in English. Moreover, her eyes are two ‘O’ in the name of a chain of fast food restaurants with an informal atmosphere. That is why the nocturnal predator serves as a background for the inscription, made in capital bubble font. For clarity, the letters are colored orange.

Who created the Hooters logo?

Hooters’ debut logo has no author. The image of an owl was a generic dictionary illustration with a brand name added to it. The bird has been copied in a realistic style. In 2013, a modernized version of the emblem appeared, made by artists from the Sky Design agency. They moved away from realism and proposed a drawing in a different design - in an individual and not in a generally accepted one. The developers kept the letters ‘O’ with dots instead of eyes.

When did Hooters change their logo?

Hooters made the first and only logo change in 2013. Then, during the rebranding, she changed her entire visual identity - starting with menu items and ending with entrance signs. The owl has become less realistic because, as a result of artistic processing, the bird received rounded outlines and smooth lines. The detailed drawing of feathers has disappeared: the nocturnal predator is now completely painted in brown and beige.