HSM rebranded visual style

HSM Logo

Known to many entrepreneurs and business people, the Croatian IT brand in the field of software development and implementation – HSM Informatika was founded more than 30 years ago in Zagreb, Croatia. Over the years of its existence, the company has constantly developed and improved, offering its users modern promising software developments. This led to the need to revise the conceptual strategy for the entire project. The change of visual identity was started with the name, which became more concise and harmonious while retaining the historical basis. The new visualization better reflects the company’s main features and its desire to improve and modernize its customers’ business with the help of its progressive ingenuity. Now is the time to apply the same approach directly to ourselves and present to the public a renewed company that provides quality service through the human factor – motivated and dedicated employees.

HSM New Logo

The rebranding process affected all areas of visual identity. Those that have not undergone drastic changes have been improved. Others are abbreviated. Some are newly created. The name has been abbreviated. Only the abbreviation representing the main value was retained. With the help of a new visual identity, an important feature of the brand was reflected – the presence of the human factor, which is the main driving force of the brand. The company’s slogan says – “Human sense moves technology and business.” In addition, it reflects the direct impact of this factor on technology and customer business. The truth of this statement is confirmed by the fact that the brand is a distributor of equipment and programs and a professional consultant and developer. Their ideas contribute to the improvement of any business.

HSM Symbol

New digital solutions create the starting impulse for moving the business forward. That is why the entire visual identity was built based on a graphic reflection of an impulse, a wave. The peculiarity of the brand is to stimulate change and combine impulses of different nature – digital and human. As a result, a complete and harmonious picture of the use of technology achievements in application to business is ensured. The impulse effect is taken as the main form of the logo, reflected in the text version of the name originally. It manifests itself in every linear pattern and dynamic that forms an identity.

HSM Before and After Logo (history)