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The company’s software captures users and engages them with the developer’s business clients. The HubSpot logo shows orderliness, control, and management of the process. For this, all ways and methods have been thought out.

HubSpot: Brand overview

Founded: June 2006
Founder: Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah
Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
HubSpot is a creator of software that helps engage customers and drive effective content marketing. The company was founded in 2006 by two Massachusetts Institute of Technology employees. The CRM system it developed was so in demand that by 2015, revenue reached $150 million. In 2021 it reached $1 billion. The platform provides many website management, maintenance, sales, and advertising tools for business growth. Hundreds of thousands of people in more than 120 countries use them.

Meaning and History

HubSpot Logo History

HubSpot isn’t standing still — it’s continually expanding, buying up promising competitors. For example, it has added the app store Oneforty, the artificial intelligence developer Kemvi, and the newsletter service The Hustle. Despite the increase in structure, the company is in no hurry to carry out a global rebranding. The only change to the logo in 2016 was almost invisible because the designers kept the font as possible. Of course, you can tell the difference between the old and the new: the two versions use different shades of orange and gray. The proportions have also been modified, albeit slightly.

2006 – 2016

HubSpot Logo 2006

Like the current one, the first logo contained the inscription “HubSpot.” All letters were dark gray, except for the orange “o.” And the latter stood out not only for its bright color but also for its unusual shape. It had three lines, each with a dot at the end. Because of this, the symbol was called a sprocket. The largest sprocket came out of the top half of the “o” at a strange angle, and its free edge did not coincide with the center of the next “p.”

The designers used kerning when aligning the letters, so the spacing varied greatly. The individual selection of spacing helped improve the visual density of the text. The font did not have perfect proportions either. The intra-letter spaces “o,” “p,” and “b” were not round. Rather, they resembled ovals.

2016 – today

HubSpot Logo

Many people mistakenly assume that only the color scheme has been updated in the logo since the redesign: obsidian began to be used instead of gray, and orange has taken on a pink hue. But if you look closely, other changes become noticeable. HubSpot informed users that the circles inside the “o,” “p,” and “b” are now guaranteed to be round. At the same time, the longest Sprocket bar visually coincides with the center of the “o,” and the point on its end is in line with the middle of the “p.” All letter spacing is uniform.

Font and Colors

HubSpot Emblem

The most important element of HubSpot’s identity is the stylized “o,” which looks like part of a circuit. The circles in its composition symbolize the interconnected components of a certain system. It can be assumed that this is a set of CRM tools for attracting potential customers or customers themselves interacting with the company. From another point of view, the abstract figure resembles a cogwheel – a small and irreplaceable detail that drives a huge mechanism. This interpretation also fits into the concept of a platform focused on content marketing. In any case, whatever sprocket stands for, it looks modern and technological.

HubSpot’s typography is based on the Avenir Next font family. But the wordmark has an individual style: the designers developed it themselves, experimenting with the shape of the letters. Even if Avenir Next was used as the basis, it was changed beyond recognition. The lowercase letters “u,” “b,” and “p” has no short protruding strokes. The edges of the “S” are cut at an angle of about 45 degrees. The same applies to the “t”: its top is cut off, and the left side of the horizontal line is missing. The symbol, which replaces the “o,” looks like a futuristic abstract drawing. But the logo has a flat kerning, which visually balances all the disproportions.

HubSpot Symbol

Even though the main official HubSpot colors are light blue Calypso (#00A4BD) and orange Lorax (#FF7A59), the logo features only the latter. The designers chose another shade of blue, Obsidian (#2D3E50), instead of Calypso. The branding guide states that the company usually uses it for text, which means the wordmark is no exception.

HubSpot color codes

Charcoal Hex color: #2d3e50
RGB: 45 62 80
CMYK: 44 23 0 69
Pantone: PMS 7546 C
Coral Hex color: #ff7a59
RGB: 255 122 89
CMYK: 0 52 65 0
Pantone: PMS 1645 C