Hug Emoji

Hug Emoji

A Hug Emoji is a pleasant, comforting symbol that embodies support and care. It was first added to Unicode 8.0 in 2015 as the code U+1F917.

Over time, the design has received several additions, and now there are three types of Hug Emoji:

  • Smiley with open palms (Hugging Face).
  • Two hugging smileys (Hugging Smileys).
  • Two hugging people (People Hugging Emoji).

Each variant has multiple meanings.

Meaning and use of the Hug Emoji

Emoji Hug

Depending on the feelings filling you and your interlocutor, you can use:

Smiley with Open Palms (Hugging Face 🤗)

Smiling Face With Open Hands Emoji

The first version of the image doesn’t quite resemble a hug. It rather seems that the smiley is waving its palms in a friendly manner. It should be noted that the sign of open palms has a roughly similar set of meanings across different cultures.

  1. This shows that there are no weapons in one’s hands. One’s actions are not threatening. The opponent is not hiding anything behind their back. Therefore, the Hug Emoji demonstrates a good disposition. “It’s safe next to me,” “You can trust me,” “I will not harm you.”
  2. In ancient times, open palms were shown when wanting to approach someone. Therefore, the smiley expresses a desire for communication and a need to be in closer contact.
  3. Readiness to accept something new. In contrast to the gesture of crossed arms, opening the palms speaks of openness to the world, new ideas, and the ability to hear the opponent. Therefore, the image of Hug Emoji promises acceptance. One is ready to accept your ideas and you.

Some users perceive the smiley with palms as a greeting symbol. Raising both hands indicates enthusiasm and special joy. One of the meanings of the sign: “give me five.” A reflection of greeting in youth circles when greeting by slapping palm to palm.

Jazz hands are associated with dances where there is a position of raised and open palms with widely spread fingers. The gesture is used at the moment of climax and expression in musicals and stage performances. The symbol conveys excessive joy and ecstasy. In this case, the Hug Emoji carries an emotional message, telling about excitement, anticipation, and a thrilling climactic event.

There is also a whole range of less common interpretations of the sign.

  • There’s a blush on the cheeks of the face, which may indicate embarrassment. Open palms transmit a wave of fluids, carrying sympathy and a desire to attract your attention.
  • The symbol shows sincere gratitude for a favor.

It’s entirely appropriate to send an emoji as a greeting to a new group member or as a symbol of your own readiness to integrate into a new collective.

Two Hugging People (People Hugging Emoji 🫂)

People Hugging Emoji

The symbol of two faceless hugging people appeared in Unicode in 2020 as a response to the challenge of COVID-19. The image conveys support in difficult circumstances, in grief.

During the epidemic, people were required to keep a distance of no less than 1.5 meters from each other. It was not allowed to gather in groups or to go outside without urgent necessity.

The sign is an opportunity to hug acquaintances and provide them with support virtually.

Due to the pandemic, many lost relatives, loved ones, and fellow citizens. People hugging emojis are a symbol of sympathy and understanding. The message is, “You are not alone.”

Final thoughts

Hug Emojis, in any form, do not carry a negative connotation. Depending on the circumstances, it is a symbol of openness, care, support, or love. If you receive a sign from a stranger, it shows sympathy and gratitude.

The emojis aid the interpretation of the message alongside it. A heart expresses sincere affection and love. The Dove of Peace conveys good wishes, talking about the desire to reconcile. A crying emoji shows how much someone misses you.

Sending a message with a Hug Emoji can be to someone you know or even a stranger.

Hug Emojis

The 🫂 People Hugging Emoji portrays a heartwarming image of two figures in an embrace, symbolizing a range of emotions from affection and support to camaraderie and comfort. This emoji is a testament to the power of human connection, even in the digital realm. At its heart, 🫂 is a versatile tool in digital communication, adept at conveying warmth, support, and empathy. It’s often used to represent physical closeness in a world where digital interaction is increasingly common. Whether it’s to celebrate, console, or simply show you care, the People Hugging Emoji is a digital surrogate for the warmth of a real embrace.

The 🤗 Smiling Face With Open Hands Emoji, often perceived as a symbol of a warm, welcoming hug, portrays a beaming face with outstretched hands. It encapsulates a range of positive emotions, from friendliness and affection to support and congratulatory gestures. Primarily, 🤗 is used to convey a sense of warmth, enthusiasm, and affection. It’s akin to offering a comforting embrace or an encouraging pat on the back through digital means. This emoji is particularly effective in adding a personal, heartfelt touch to messages, making it a favorite in both personal and casual professional communications.

Situational Examples:

  • “So glad we’re friends! You always have my back 🫂👯‍♂️”. Here, 🫂 is paired with the friendship emoji to emphasize the bond and support between friends.
  • “You did an amazing job on the project, well done! 🫂🌟”. This sentence uses the emoji to offer congratulations and acknowledge someone’s hard work and success.
  • “Hearing about your day makes me feel like I’m right there with you 🫂📱.” In this context, 🫂 is used to convey closeness and empathy over a distance, often in phone conversations or text messages.
  • “Great job on the presentation today! You were amazing 🤗🌟”. Here, 🤗 is combined with a star emoji to praise and encourage someone’s achievement.
  • “Long time no see! We need to catch up soon 🤗☕”. This example uses the emoji to express excitement and warmth at the prospect of reuniting with someone.
  • “Saw this and thought of you, hope it makes you smile 🤗🌼.” In this context, 🤗 is paired with a flower emoji to add a sense of personal touch and care to a thoughtful message.