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Despite its business style, the Hurley logo contains a creative element that allegorically signifies the brand’s field of activity. Just a couple of strokes accurately convey its tasks, range, and objectives. The maximalism characteristic of not only the emblem but also the company’s products perfectly balances the multitasking nature of the company, which deals in both sports and fashion clothing.

Hurley: Brand overview

Hurley is an American company officially founded in 1999 to manufacture and distribute sports clothing and accessories for surfing and swimming. Before that, it was known as Hurley Surfboards, established by Bob Hurley along with Bob Rowland and Joe Knoernschild in 1979 to make surfboards in Costa Mesa, California. In 1983, after merging with the Australian brand Billabong, the owner renamed it Billabong USA Hurley. When the license expired, he decided to completely revamp the concept, resulting in the brand Hurley International. In 2019, it was acquired by Bluestar Alliance LLC.

Meaning and History

Hurley Logo History

The brand name was derived from the surname of the founder, Bob Hurley, who led a group of like-minded individuals. Even after its transition to Nike, Inc. in 2002 and later to Bluestar Alliance LLC in 2019, this surname remained: it became a key element of the identity, recognized among extreme sports enthusiasts. It was definitively established by the iconic sign in the form of two brackets placed on convex sides facing each other. It represents “H” – the first letter of “Hurley.”

What is Hurley?

Hurley is an American company specializing in the production and sale of clothing and accessories for surfing and swimming. Its range includes wetsuits, swimsuits, board shorts, trunks, shirts, T-shirts, overalls, hoodies, tops, sportswear, and much more. The early version of the brand emerged in 1979, featuring only surfboards. It officially transitioned to its modern format in 1999, when the previous firm (Billabong USA Hurley) lost its license. Its founder, Bob Hurley, led a group of friends and like-minded individuals. Since 2019, the company has been owned by Bluestar Alliance LLC.

1979 – today

Hurley Logo

The Hurley logo consists of two parts: textual and graphical. The text comes first. It’s in bold letters without serifs. The smooth and even edges convey a sense of business-like strictness, typical for brands associated with clothing. The lowercase font is used throughout, except for “H”: it’s the only uppercase letter since it starts the word. In the glyphs, angles, and roundings are perfectly balanced, leaving a pleasant impression of visual harmony.

Following the text is the brand’s unique trademark symbol, often used as a standalone element. It’s frequently seen on prints and on the labeling of original products. It comprises two short stripes, bent inward, resembling surfboards placed side by side. They also look like alpine hooks and an open parachute, hinting at extreme sports. But in reality, it’s a stylized letter “H.”

Font and Colors

Hurley Symbol

The typeface used in the Hurley logo resembles a simplified form of Sequel Sans Body Bold: the “u” lacks a side stroke, and the lower part of the “y” ‘s tail is clipped. The emblem’s palette is modest but classic. It includes two basic colors: black, which is used for all elements, and white, serving as the background.

Hurley Emblem

Hurley color codes

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