Indian Motorcycle Brands

Indian Motorcycle Brands

The popularity of motorcycles in India can only be compared to the popularity of bicycles in Scandinavian countries. In fact, from the moment the world’s first motorized bicycles appeared, Indians immediately became their fans. Today, India is the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturer, recently taking the lead from China. The country produces over 10 million units of this type of equipment annually. Most of them are clones of products of leading world brands. However, in this abundance, there are also real gems of their Indian production.

What are Indian motorcycle brands?

There are many motorcycle brands in India. Some of them are market leaders like Bajaj, Mahindra, Hero, TVS, Royal Enfield, API, and Escorts Group.

Light motorcycles such as scooters and mopeds are in particular demand in the country. The constant demand for affordable two-wheeled transportation makes influential Indian corporations increasingly expand their offerings, buying up brands of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Mahindra. Today, Honda, Kawasaki, Royal Enfield, and Made in India motorcycles are often found in third-world countries than originals. However, the Indian brand Bajaj performs today at the same level as well-known brands, and it is not inferior in its technical parameters and design to the world manufacturers. They are characterized by high quality and reliability.


Bajaj Logo

The founder of the company, named after himself, was Jamnalal Bajaj, who, in November 1949, was a seller and importer of scooters of foreign brands. Ten years later, he acquired the right to manufacture his machinery. The production of motorized rickshaws under his brand was started. Rickshaws became very popular, and by the 70s of the last century, under the emblem of the brand Bajaj, they produced more than 100,000. In 1995, the number of this type of equipment exceeded several million. Success contributed to the expansion of production, for which, in 1986, a contract was signed with Kawasaki. Since then, products began to come out under the brand name Bajaj-Kawasaki, and Bajaj factories began creating licensed Japanese motorcycles. Today, Bajaj is the 6th largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

The brand logo has a single emblem color – medium Persian blue. It is a common symbol of the god Krishna in India. Blue symbolizes strength, masculinity, the guarantee of victory, and universal accessibility. The main element of the emblem is a stylized sign of a flying bird. Under it, there is an inscription – the name of the brand, made in a font, the development of which took into account modern requirements for visualization and ease of perception of images. The simplicity and brevity of the emblem are the keys to its easy memorization and recognition.


Mahindra Logo

October 2, 1945, is the birthday of the Mahindra group of companies. Currently, it is the world’s largest Indian corporation headquartered in Mumbai. The company’s founders are Malik Ghulam Muhammad and brothers Jagdish Chandra Mahindra and Kailash Chandra Mahindra. It covers a wide engineering field, manufacturing automobiles, agricultural machinery, and motorcycles. Today, Mahindra & Mahindra owns the French brand Peugeot Motorcycles, Czech brand Jawa, and BSA.

The logo of the brand is known all over the world. Three stripes divide a red ellipse at the bottom. The two outer stripes close at the edges of the figure, their tops resting on the upper edge of the ellipse. The third stripe separates these two lines without touching them. Its vertex also rests on the upper edge of the ellipse. All three lines are slanted to the right, which gives the sign a visual convexity. Red is a very important color for Hindus. It symbolizes purity, the energy of movement, and life. Under the sign is the text of the brand name – Mahindra, made in Latin script using uppercase font, the first letter of which is larger than a capital letter. The font is made in a monochrome variant. Depending on the emblem’s location, it can be gray, white, or black.


Hero Logo

Founded in 1983 by Brijmohan Lall Munjal in 1984, the brand was, until recently, known as Hero Honda, which was ranked 108th on the Forbes list of the world’s top 200 companies in 2006. 2011, the relationship with Honda ended, and the Indian was renamed Hero Motocorp Ltd. In 2014, Hero contributed to the American company Erik Buell Racing by becoming an equity stakeholder. This move expanded the company’s ability to sell its products in the US. Today, Hero Motocorp’s products account for almost half of the motorcycles sold in the Indian market. The company’s machines are characterized by small displacement – up to 200 cc. Motorcycles are in great demand in Asia and the Caribbean.

For its logo, the brand has chosen a simple and laconic form – a graphic design of the name text used with a stylized sign of the first letter of the name. The mark is in the form of two rectangles placed on the short side at some distance from each other at an angle to the viewer. The crossbar symbolizes a wide diagonal break in the white color of the second rectangle, which is made in black and symbolizes protection from failures in Indian symbolism. Like the font, the first rectangle is red, symbolizing movement and fortitude.


TVS Logo

As a motorcycle manufacturer, the Indian brand TVS has been known since 1978, when the grandson of the brand’s founder, Sundaram Iyengar from Chennai, opened a motorcycle factory in Hosur. The brand began its ascent in 1911 when the founder, T.V. Sundaram Iyengar, inaugurated the first bus service in Madurai, further expanding bus and truck transportation by building its large fleet of then state-of-the-art machinery. Today, the TVS group is a multinational company with a motorcycle division – TVS Motor Company Limited. It is the third largest Indian company in the country’s overall list of motorcycle manufacturers.

The company’s emblem is red and blue, which is especially important for every Indian. Red – the color of movement and a powerful charge of energy. Blue – strength, masculinity, constant struggle for the best, at the same time – accessibility. The image includes two elements – the abbreviation of the TVS brand name in blue with a slant to the right, symbolizing forward movement, and a stylized image of a horse in the moment of its flight after jumping over an obstacle, executed in red.

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Logo

One of the oldest British motorcycle brands, Royal Enfield, founded in 1901, did not survive the last-century crisis of the 1950s and 1960s. It was bought by Madras Motors, Chennai, India, which continues the brand’s history today but with a different design and execution. The new owner had produced 846,000 motorcycles by 2018, demonstrating its strength and success. For this reason, Madras Motors has kept the brand’s historic logo intact.

The use of red and orange colors in the logo was completely in keeping with the spirit of the Indian company and the Indians themselves. These colors have an important sacred meaning. Red confirms the energy and strength characteristic of the company’s products. Orange is a favorite in India; it is sacred, promises prosperity and success, and symbolizes fire. All elements of the emblem – the sign Royal Enfield and the text, made by the original font, the curves of which resemble the curves of caterpillars, are made in red with an orange border. The mark is a circle with a hexagonal equilateral figure with rounded tops inscribed in orange. The accent figure of the logo is the first letter of the brand name, “R,” which is surrounded on both sides by outspread wings symbolizing flight and speed.


API Logo

Founded in 1949 in Bombay (now Mumbai) and called Automobile Products of India (API), the brand focused on tricycles and pedal cars. It is best known as a manufacturer of lightweight scooters under the Lambretta brand and traditional API tricycles. The latter were produced under a license acquired from Italian manufacturers Innocenti. However, the company’s main products remained traditional auxiliary systems produced for the automotive industry – brakes and clutches. In 2002, the company announced its closure.

The company’s emblem was not distinguished by a special creative approach to its development. It was simple and laconic—text graphics of the API abbreviation in an element resembling the protective glass of a bicycle rickshaw or scooter. A simple font without unnecessary elements in monochrome made the name easy to remember.

Escorts Group

Escorts Group Logo

One of the representatives of the Indian motorcycle industry was the Escorts Group. This conglomerate, focused on agricultural machinery and automobile manufacturing, had a history of involvement in the motorcycle industry for forty years. From the 1960s to the early 2000s, it had a division that produced Rajdoot motorcycles. The main product was a licensed Polish SHL M11 175 cc. In 1984, the company launched a line of Yamaha motorcycles, the first of which was the RX 100. But in 2005, the head office decided to close this line.

Today, motorcycles of this brand can be recognized by the original logo, made in the form of a nut with an unfinished right side in the center. Its small inner protrusion to the center from the middle of the left side formed a stylized Latin letter “E” – the first in the brand name. At the same time, when looking at the mark under a certain sign, one can see the symbol of an open key formed by the contours of the element. The sign is red, which is significant for Hindus. Below is the text – the name “Escort,” created in black in lowercase. The use of these two colors in the logo informed the Indian consumer about the visualizing characteristics of the company – strength and power, movement towards victory with guaranteed protection from failure.


Which bike company is Indian?

India is home to several leading motorcycle companies:

  • Hero MotoCorp Ltd: The world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer. Known for their durable and economical bikes, they offer a wide range of motorcycles and scooters. The Splendor model is especially popular worldwide.
  • Bajaj Auto Ltd: This company offers many popular motorcycles in India and abroad. Young riders especially love the Pulsar series for its appeal and performance.
  • TVS Motor Company Ltd: One of India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturers with a strong presence in international markets. Notable models include the Apache and the new TVS Ronin.
  • Eicher Motors’ Royal Enfield is famous for its classic design and has a huge fan following. Models like the Bullet and Himalayan are known for their retro styling.
  • India Yamaha Motors: A subsidiary of Japan’s Yamaha, it plays a significant role in India by offering motorcycles that combine performance and practicality, such as the R15 and FZ series.
  • Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited Caters to various riders with its range, including the Gixxer sports series, which is popular among the youth.
  • Piaggio India offers motorcycles and commercial vehicles, most commonly associated with Vespa scooters, and provides various options to Indian consumers.

What bikes are made in India?

India is an important motorcycle manufacturing hub with both local and international brands:

  • Hero MotoCorp: The largest motorcycle and scooter manufacturer in India. Popular models like Hero Splendor and Hero Passion are known for being affordable and economical.
  • Bajaj Auto: Produces motorcycles that are popular in India and abroad. The Bajaj Pulsar and Bajaj Avenger series are noted for their performance and style.
  • TVS Motor Company: This company offers a variety of motorcycles and scooters, including the performance-oriented TVS Apache series and the TVS Jupiter scooter, targeting various consumers.
  • Royal Enfield: Part of Eicher Motors, known for classic-style motorcycles like the Royal Enfield Classic and Bullet. These motorcycles have a loyal following due to their vintage charm.
  • Mahindra Two Wheelers: Produces motorcycles and scooters, such as the Mahindra Mojo, aimed at touring enthusiasts.

India also serves as a manufacturing base for several foreign brands. Notably, Austrian brand KTM manufactures some of its performance-oriented motorcycles, such as the KTM Duke and RC series, in India in collaboration with Bajaj Auto.

Who makes Indian motorcycles now?

Indian Motorcycles is an established American motorcycle brand operated by Polaris Industries Inc. Polaris acquired it in 2011, maintaining its reputation for producing high-quality classic American motorcycles.

Under Polaris, the brand has expanded its product range to include several models that combine traditional style with modern performance. These bikes, like the Indian Scout and Indian Chief, appeal to many riders due to their comfortable design and durable construction.

Which is the best Indian bike brand?

Choosing the best Indian motorcycle brand depends on your needs, such as how important mileage, price, or performance are. Here are the best options:

  • Bajaj Pulsar: Popular among young riders due to its affordability and performance. The company offers a variety of models to suit every taste, and they are known for their fuel efficiency and sporty appearance.
  • Honda CB Shine: Durable and fuel-efficient, making it ideal for daily commuting. It provides a smooth ride and low maintenance costs.
  • Bajaj CT Series: Offers great mileage at a very reasonable price, making it ideal for those looking for an efficient and economical bike.
  • Royal Enfield Classic 350: This bike is ideal for those who love a vintage look with modern mechanics. It’s more expensive than some bikes, but its unique styling and durable construction make it worth the cost.
  • Hero Glamour and Hero Passion: Known for their reliability and fuel efficiency, they are good options for daily use in cities and rural areas. They provide a comfortable ride and good mileage.
  • Bajaj Platina: Offers exceptional fuel efficiency and is one of the best in India, making it a great choice for budget-conscious people.
  • TVS Apache: This bike appeals to those who want a more exciting ride. It is popular among riding enthusiasts because of its excellent performance, handling, and bold styling.