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TVS Motor: Brand overview

Founder:T. V. Sundaram Iyengar
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

In 1911, nestled in the cultural city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, TV Sundaram Iyengar & Sons was birthed as a venture primarily dealing with buses and trucks. As the decades rolled on, the horizon broadened for the company, culminating in the creation of TVS Motors in 1978, a wing dedicated to manufacturing motorcycles in collaboration with Suzuki.

Fast forward a few years to 1982, and the streets of India witnessed the emergence of the TVS 50 moped. Its affordability and fuel efficiency won the hearts of many, making it an instant hit. Two years later, in 1984, the company marked a pivotal moment in Indian automotive history by launching the TVS Shaolin, the nation’s maiden fully home-grown motorcycle.

The 1990s saw TVS venture into new territories, embracing the three-wheeler segment and birthing iconic scooter models, with the TVS Scooty emerging as a crowd-favorite. As the new millennium dawned, TVS was not content with just domestic success. The 2000s saw a ramp-up in production and a strategic thrust into international markets across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

A pivotal year, 2005, marked the debut of the TVS Apache sport bike series, a 200cc marvel, reflecting the company’s innate capabilities as it was entirely developed in-house. The decade that followed was no less monumental. In 2010, TVS made a statement in the premium bike segment by acquiring the British powerhouse Norton Motorcycles. 2016, the Akula track bike was introduced, reinforcing TVS’ aspirations for racing and high-performance bikes. In a surprising move in 2018, TVS expanded its global footprint by annexing the legendary British bike maker Triumph Motorcycles to its portfolio.

Meaning and History

TVS Motor Logo History

What is TVS Motor?

TVS Motor Company has been a trailblazer for over forty years. Established in 1978 by T.V. Sundaram Iyengar, this Chennai-headquartered Indian multinational motorbike producer has ascended to India’s third most revenue-generating motorcycle enterprise. Carrying a legacy of triumph, TVS persists in bringing forth innovative solutions and setting trends in the motorbike sector.

TVS Motor Company, a distinguished Indian enterprise, has made its presence felt in the global marketplace, distributing its motorcycles and scooters to more than 60 countries. This noteworthy achievement testifies to the company’s steadfast dedication to delivering excellence on a global scale.

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Marian BlueHex color:#253c80
RGB:37 60 128
CMYK:71 53 0 50
Pantone:PMS 7687 C
CinnabarHex color:#dc4226
RGB:220 66 38
CMYK:0 70 83 14
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C