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Porsche Logo

Porsche Logo
Porsche Logo PNG

Porsche is a famous car brand from Germany. It was created in 1931 by the entrepreneur Ferdinand Porsche. The head office of the manufacturer is located in Stuttgart. Volkswagen AG currently owns the brand, and it belongs to the Porsche Automobil Holding SE group, which owns a controlling stake.

Meaning and History

Porsche Logo History
Evolution of the Porsche Logo

What is Porsche?

This is a German company that has become famous worldwide for its SUVs and luxury sports cars.

The Porsche emblem is a contrast between tradition and innovation. They represent the brand as exclusive, powerful, stylish. The founder chose the historical heritage of the lands in which the trademark appeared and made it a legendary sign.

The automaker used the coat of arms of the Free People’s State of Wรผrttemberg for a visual identity to better convey its roots since Stuttgart was a central city. The state coat of arms appeared in 1922 and contained two deer. Now branched horns remind of them. Also, the local lands were famous for horse breeding, and the first factory appeared on the site of a stable, so a reared horse flaunts on the logo. The coat of arms of Stuttgart with a black horse on a yellow background was adopted in 1938.

And the original Porsche emblem was first introduced in the second half of 1952. It was located in the center of the steering wheel of the 356 Pre-A. From the moment of launch to the present, the brand identity has remained the same as at the beginning. After all, it has everything that a car brand needs: grace, uniqueness, brightness.

1922 – 1938

Porsche Logo 1922-1938

The original emblem shows two deer standing on their hind legs to the shield’s right and left. Animals look in opposite directions and lean on the central element. They have powerful horns in several branches, which speak of unsurpassed strength and the desire to fight for competition. These qualities are extremely important for Porsche because the company was engaged in producing passenger cars and sports cars, where speed, endurance, and swiftness are valued.

The shield depicts black and red stripes echoing the flag and deer antlers’ colors – three in each of the two sectors. Wide lines occupy two more parts. They are staggered. Both the shield and the deer are on sharp elongated elements resembling fragments of horns.

1938 – 1948

Porsche Logo 1938-1948

On the logo of those years, a restive horse flaunts, rearing up. It is painted black and contrasts well with the yellow background. The heraldic shield is also taken as a basis. Inside, the animal’s figure is made in yellow – thin, barely noticeable lines that form the body’s contours. The mane flutters freely, and the tail is slightly trimmed on the right so that it does not go beyond the frame.

1948 – 1952

Porsche Logo 1948-1952

The emblem is again represented by a heraldic shield but narrower than the previous version. He completely repeats the first version and is almost identical to it. The only difference is the absence of double edging along the edge and the thinner antlers on the bright yellow segments. The rest of the parts are traditionally occupied by alternating black and red stripes.

1952 – 1963

Porsche Logo 1952-1963

When Porsche first introduced its emblem, it turned out to be a combination of the previous two symbols – the heraldic shield and the horse shield. The designers tried to preserve the famous traditions and emphasize the historical roots. To do this, they used the authentic coats of arms of the Free People’s State of Wรผrttemberg and Stuttgart. This is how the modern car logo appeared based on local heraldry.

The authors inserted one emblem into another, placing the sign with a horse in the center of an older coat of arms, consisting of four fragments with six branched horns and eight stripes. An innovation was the upper inscriptions on the billboards: on the small one – “Stuttgart,” on the large one – “Porsche.”

1963 – present

Porsche Logo 1963-present

After the redesign based on the previous logo, its modernized version appeared. It came in handy since the brand offered progressive products that required a logo that would correspond to the times and high technologies. The result of design searches was a shield narrowed at the bottom with 3D elements. Instead of yellow, gold appeared. The black horse has acquired graceful features. Burgundy ones replace the bright red stripes. The central shield has been trimmed in the form of a thin black line. And the upper part of the large shield is now arched.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Porsche Emblem

In order not to lose authenticity, the developers used two heraldic symbols in the emblem at once. Moreover, there are two versions of its origin. According to one assumption, the author of the icon is the engineer Franz Xaver Reimspiess, on the other – the owner of Ferdinand Porsche himself. He sketched the logo on a napkin, and then Erwin Komenda from the design department made the final drawing from the sketch. Both assumptions are considered official and are mentioned in various competent sources.

Porsche Symbol

The text in the logo first appeared in 1952. These were two geographic indications that were critical to the automotive brand. The word “Stuttgart” was on the inside, “Porsche” was on the outside. They were executed in grotesque and placed in the upper register. The modern emblem uses a different typeface for them: “Stuttgart” is written in tightly grouped thin black letters, and “Porsche” is written in wide light letters with a free arrangement. The color scheme traditionally includes black, red, gold, or yellow.