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Elegance, brilliance, and a full package of guarantees are shown by the Ford logo. The company’s cars will decorate any garage because the company knows what the client needs. The emblem speaks of excellent technical characteristics and additional pleasant bonuses.

Ford: Brand overview

Founded: June 16, 1903
Founder: Henry Ford
Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.

Ford is the largest American automobile company and owns stakes in many other automakers. Her full name is Ford Motor Company. The head office is located in Dearborn in the vicinity of Detroit, Michigan (USA). The official date of the firm’s establishment is the summer of 1903. The founder of the company is Henry Ford.

Initially, the organization for automobiles’ manufacture appeared a couple of years earlier than the accepted date. It was founded in November 1901 and was called the Cadillac Motor Company. But a year later, the founder left it along with the right to this trademark. As a result, in the late autumn of 1903, twelve investors created a new company. She had her emblem immediately.

Meaning and History

Ford Logo History

What is Ford?

Ford is the flagship brand of the Ford Motor Company, the second-largest automaker in the United States, and is recognized as one of the largest family businesses in the world. Her cars are sold almost everywhere, driving around cities, off-road, and racing tracks. In addition to models with gasoline engines, the manufacturer produces vehicles that run on alternative fuels.

Ford changed the logo several times because it was trying to find the perfect balance of shapes and colors. As the main element, she used her name, decorated with cursive type. This option appeared in the early 1900s and was improved over time. After lengthy experiments, the inscription was inside a vertical ellipse – first white and then dark blue. The emblem sometimes became voluminous due to the gradient, but recently a flat two-dimensional design has become fashionable.

1903 – 1907

Ford Logo 1903-1907

The debut logo is a vivid example of its time. It looks like a round badge entwined with a floral pattern of stems and leaves. In the center, in the diagonal oval, is the abbreviated brand name. In the top row is the word combination “Ford Motor,” in the second – “Co.,” in the third – “Detroit,” in the fourth – “Mich” (part of the name of the state). The lines are wavy.

1907 – 1909

Ford Logo 1907-1909

In 1907, the company decided to replace the retro emblem with a modern one. Therefore, leaves, stems, curls have disappeared from it – now it looks strict and has the shape of an eye or a rugby ball. The oval shape contains several inscriptions. The largest is located in the middle. This is the word “Ford” with irregular letters: the central ones are large, the side ones are small. It was then that color appeared on the logo for the first time: the background became gray. The author of this version of the logo is designer Childe Harold Wills.

1909 – 1911

Ford Logo 1909-1911

At that time, the car company adopted a new logo, which was recognized as the basis for all subsequent variations. It is a single inscription – a handwritten stroke. The word “Ford” is written in coherent italics, imitating handwriting, and enclosed in quotation marks in the form of two merged dots. It is decorated with many curls and rounded shapes and has a long tail that extends from the “d” and forms the bottom line.

1911 – 1912

Ford Logo 1911-1912

The designers took the personal signature of Henry Ford as a basis. They placed it in a horizontal oval enclosed by a double line — a wide inner (white) and a thin outer (black). And around the developers have placed the phrases “The Famous” (above) and “Motor Cars” (below).

1912 – 1917

Ford Logo 1912-1917

After a radical redesign, the car manufacturer got a completely different logo, reminiscent of a coat of arms in the form of a soaring bird. She has a wide tail and spread wings. The emblem is painted blue and contains the old signature with the slogan “The Universal Car.”

1917 – 1927

Ford Logo 1917-1927

For ten years, Ford has used a minimalistic version of the logo. It consists only of the name, the form of the founder’s signature, and an oval surrounded by a thin black stripe. The internal background is light lilac.

1927 – 1957

Ford Logo 1927-1957

The background color increased by several tones and became a deep purple. Double edging has also been added. The text and lines are in white. But on the 1949 models, a different logo was used – the coat of arms.

1957 – 1961

Ford Logo 1957-1961

The Ford emblem has acquired an updated shape: now a curly oval, with protruding middle and tapered ends. A dark one replaces bright purple. The letters are slightly transformed: the strokes on them are elongated, and the characters themselves are rounded.

1961 – 1965

Ford Logo 1961-1965

Another redesign brought a different style of lettering – flattened and elongated. This is because the oval is now narrow and standard with no nubs. The developers removed the purple color and used a dark blue. They also added double piping.

1965 – today

Ford Logo 1965-present

The brand name has been radically rethought: now it is an ellipse with a white inner outline, which makes it very reminiscent of the emblem of 1927. The font is italic but tall and sleek. In 1976, this logo was transferred to alternative ones, but then the car company returned to the main group again (in 2017). In parallel with it, two more emblems were used.

1976 – 2003

Ford Logo 1976-2003

The Ford logo has become dark cobalt, elegant, voluminous, with highlights, a gradient, and a chrome frame (now the edging is wide silver, with shadows).

2003 – 2017

Ford Logo 2003-2017

For the centenary, the automaker has revised the oval badge. The Pantone studio developed the new design. She removed the wide silver border, replaced the metallic texture with a blue gradient, and added a 3D effect. However, in 2017, the company switched to the old 2D logo from 1965. Simultaneously, the 2003 version has not completely disappeared: some models are labeled with it inside.

Font and Colors

Ford Emblem

The Ford logo’s transformation began with a complex structure and ended with a complex sign, despite only one main element. The fact is that the designers focused on textures, colors, highlights, shadows, and transitions between them. In recent versions, they have also experimented with gradients.

Ford Symbol

For its logo, the company chose a custom typeface based on the real Henry Ford signature. Therefore, the text is italic and handwritten. The branded palette is varied. It includes purple and blue in a variety of shades – from light to rich. There is also gray – metallic, silver, and chrome.

Ford color codes

Prussian Blue Hex color: #003179
RGB: 0 49 121
CMYK: 100 60 0 53
Pantone: PMS 288 C

What does the Ford logo mean?

The Ford logo has no hidden meanings. The inscription in the ellipse is made elegant to inspire consumer confidence and represent the company from the best side. Only the selection of colors is symbolic. Blue represents perfection, superiority, strength, and reliability, while white represents purity, constancy, and nobility.

Why did Ford choose their logo?

Henry Ford, the founder of a car company, asked his friend Childe Harold Wills to help design the logo. He approached the task with enthusiasm and created an elegant “Ford” lettering with a curl at the “F.” Wills already had experience in this area because he used the same typeface for his business cards.

What is the Ford logo called?

The Ford logo is called the Blue Oval because of its structure: since 1927, it has contained a blue ellipse. This element serves as the basis for the inscription and does not disappear anywhere, despite numerous redesigns—only its shades and shape change.