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Hero Logo

Hero Logo
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The Hero is the # 1 Indian brand for the production of two-wheeled vehicles. Part of the structure of the Japanese corporation Honda Group. It has existed since January 1984 and was founded by entrepreneur Brijmohan Lall Munjal.

Meaning and History

Hero Logo History
Evolution of the Hero Logo

The brand name appeared at the company immediately after the opening. It is associated with her name, which translates from English as “hero.” All variants of the logos (and there were two of them) reflect the corporation’s main concept – a heroic personality living in every person.

The original version of the logo lasted until 2011, when the firm went through a turning point in separation from the Japanese corporation. Then a major rebranding of all visual symbols took place. This was due to the renaming of the company to Hero MotoCorp. The updated logo was developed by design agency Wolff Olins and presented in London at a cricket competition between teams from India and Great Britain.

The debut version featured the initial H, played in the form of a superhero mask (Batman). The second logo reflects heroism’s theme with the motto in English, “For a hero inside,” and the inscription in Hindi, “Everybody has a hero.” The color palette is identical in both versions – this is the trademark combination of scarlet, black and white.

1984 – 2011

Hero Honda Logo 1984-2011

At that time, the company was called Hero Honda, so the original label consists of these two words. They are arranged in two tiers and are colored red. All letters are capitalized in a classic serif typeface with bold lines. This gives the logo massiveness and speaks of the reliability, stability, power of the products.

To the left of the verbal designation is a drawn sign stylized as the letter H and Batman’s headdress. A half-disk of the rising sun is visible under it, and even lower – three lines, as a reflection of its reflection on the water. Also, stripes represent tracks on the ground made by different types of two-wheeled vehicles.

2011 – present

Hero MotoCorp Logo 2011-present

In 2011, the logo was redesigned due to its name’s change to Hero MotoCorp. The variant proposed by Wolff Olins fits into the stream of modernity, as its relevance and dynamics distinguish it. Simultaneously, it is an elegant and sophisticated sign, where the versatility of the Indian corporation is graphically played up.

The new logo also consists of two parts – verbal and hand-drawn. Below is the name of the company. All letters are lowercase, except for the first. It is capitalized, although it is the same size as the rest. The font is simple, sans serif, reminiscent of Harabara. The small “r” is smooth and slightly rounded.

The design of the graphic part is geometrically clear and extremely verified. It reflects the letter H in a 3D projection, where two rectangular plates replace the sidewalls. The connecting bar is made discreet, which emphasizes the invisible but constant continuity of generations. And the sharp corners of the sign make it energetic and dynamic, embodying confidence, progress, and the company’s strength.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Hero MotoCorp Emblem

The logo redesign brought a completely different style and a radically different font. Instead of powerful serif marks, the emblem now uses sleek, streamlined characters without sharp corners. In shape and line type, this typeface is as close as possible to Harabara. This sophisticated simplicity was suggested by the developer of the new logo, Wolff Olins. Moreover, the inscription has its flavor, which is not striking at first sight. Look closely: although in the word “Hero,” all the letters are the same in size, three of them are lowercase (“e,” “r,” “o”), and one is uppercase (“H”).

In terms of color, the brand settled on the traditional combination of black and red. The first, according to her concept, conveys power, the second reflects beauty.