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The Luxgen logo resembles a set of digital chromosomes with genes of perfection, beauty, and advanced technology. The company produces examples of quality and innovation. The emblem conveys the idea of clean technologies and maximum comfort.

Luxgen: Brand overview

Luxgen, a beacon of Taiwanese automotive ambition, was born in 2009 under the vision of Kenneth Yen, chairman of Yulon Group. Combining “Luxury” and “Genius,” the name hints at the brand’s promise to deliver sophisticated, technologically advanced vehicles.

The journey began with the Luxgen7 SUV, a bold crossover featuring a spacious interior and advanced tech like a 10-inch infotainment system. Riding on the success of this model, the company introduced the Luxgen5 Sedan in 2010, targeting the business-class market. Export ventures soon followed, reaching China and the Middle East.

The lineup grew in 2012 with the compact Luxgen U6 Turbo crossover and the Luxgen M7 Turbo minivan. A milestone came in 2013 with the launch of the Luxgen7 MPV EV+, marking the company’s entry into the electric vehicle market. The company continued to innovate, refreshing the U6 Turbo and M7 Turbo while expanding exports to Vietnam.

In 2017, aiming at younger audiences, the company rolled out the sporty U5 SUV, blending modern design with cutting-edge technology. By 2019, the updated flagship crossover Luxgen URX replaced the Luxgen7 SUV, setting new standards for the brand.

The company’s commitment to electrification and smart technology shines through its hybrid and electric models. The company invests heavily in autonomous driving, connectivity, and artificial intelligence, striving to offer highly innovative vehicles.

Today, the company stands as a dynamic player in the automotive world, driven by a mission of innovation, sustainable development, and customer satisfaction. As it continues to evolve, the company shapes the future of Taiwan’s automotive industry and strengthens its global footprint with high-quality, forward-thinking vehicles.

Meaning and History

Luxgen Logo History

What is Luxgen?

Luxgen is a Taiwanese car manufacturer creating innovative, high-tech vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and electric cars. The brand is recognized for integrating advanced technologies and smart features to enhance safety and the driving experience.

2009 – 2022

Luxgen Logo 2009

The Luxgen logo features an image of a car mirror, symbolizing reflection and perspective. Two side chrome stripes give the logo a modern and elegant look. In the center, on a black background, is a sleek and striking letter L, representing the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship and innovative solutions. Luxgen is designed as a premium brand by the Yulon Motor Group, emphasizing high quality and a pursuit of perfection.

Below the logo is the brand name, written in shiny chrome letters. These letters create an impression of beauty and luxury, reflecting the brand’s core values and philosophy. The name “Luxgen” is formed by combining “Luxury” and “Genius,” highlighting the rich design and wide range of features of Luxgen vehicles. It embodies the idea of exceptional comfort and cutting-edge technology.

2022 – today

Luxgen Logo

For the release of the third Luxgen N7 model, the company’s logo underwent an update. Elements symbolizing luxury and wealth were removed and replaced by a lighter and more organic emblem. These changes reflect a new focus on electric technologies and environmental protection, which are key directions in developing the new model.

The brand name is in black font, with some glyphs replaced by colorful squares: burgundy, green, and yellow. These squares carry specific symbolic meanings:

  • The burgundy square represents the luxurious design of the cars.
  • The green square symbolizes clean technologies, reflecting the company’s commitment to environmental standards.
  • The yellow square emphasizes comfort and the seamless integration of the cars into urban environments.

The three colorful figures in the logo also represent the three models released by the company: Luxgen URX, U6, and N7. They showcase the brand’s evolution and dedication to innovation and sustainability.