INSP network introduced a new identity


One of the leaders in entertainment programming, the general network INSP, which has huge popularity among Western entertainment programs, has presented its new identity. The need to reflect the current changes more accurately and attractively present the brand’s evolution has become one of the reasons for the change in visual identity. The renewal program launched a few months ago has come to an end. The brand has unveiled its new look, logo, and digital visuals to the general public, completing its latest major rebrand. Changes are long overdue, as the brand made the last adjustments in its image 11 years ago. Recently, there has been a significant increase in its ratings and demand for its fascinating and unique Western content.

INSP New Logo

Following the requirements of the false trend, the new logo, having become less overloaded, acquired conciseness and brevity in its information content. It provided an opportunity to perceive and realize all the main changes and features of the updated brand, which was presented with bold and calm confidence. Especially effective in this direction was the use of an icon with a short but extensive motto – “This is INSP.” An important element of the logo has become a cowboy hat, which is an important and revered icon of American culture by all Americans. She remained the main symbol both in the past and in the present. The decision to use this symbol as the main sign of the visual identity made it possible to bring a real American spirit into the atmosphere of the logo because it is the cowboy hat that personifies real Americans – people with a big heart and often a vulnerable soul, which is usually hidden under feigned rudeness, who worked hard all day. In the end, he wants to get a well-deserved rest. All this is successfully reflected with the help of a weather-beaten, weather-beaten cowboy hat. Its placement, with some boldness and swagger, which were typical for true heroes – cowboys of the times of the country’s settlement, communicates the unity of all members and users of the network, demanding that this community be reckoned with. At the same time, it is a symbol of pride in the finished product itself, which is transmitted through such a message.

INSP Symbol

The text of the logo is made in larger and bolder types, which ensures the overall unity of the composition, providing a direct link to the completeness and strength of the reflection of the created network. The letters are made in white with a texture characteristic of the wood material from which the horse pens were created. The upper part of the first three letters repeats the curve of the lower part of the hat, creating a visual harmony of the entire composition. As a result, the logo has become a reflection of the true spirit of the Wild West, which is the basis for building the entire INSP visualization.

INSP Before and After Logo (History)