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The brand that represents the programming language has an emblem that reflects the name’s connection with the Indonesian island, where huge plantations of arabica grow. That’s why the Java logo contains unexpected elements, but this structure makes it unique and recognizable.

Java: Brand overview

Founded:May 23, 1995
Founder:Sun Microsystems
United States
Java is an object-oriented and high-level computer programming language. It is part of a group of general-purpose digital products and is universal: with its help, specialists can write a utility just once and then run it on anything. That is, this code is able to work on any platform without the need for recompilation. The year of its final release is 1996. The creator of the language is James Gosling. According to GitHub, in 2019, it was the most requested in IT programming. In the spring of 2022, version 18 was launched, which is currently the most recent.

Meaning and History

Java Logo History

The Java project was initiated much earlier than 1996 – in 1991. It started under the supervision of three programmers, among whom, in addition to James Gosling, were also Patrick Naughton and Mike Sheridan. First of all, it was intended for interactive TV, but at that time, cable TV was not very advanced, so this option was excluded.

Then practical experiments began within Sun Microsystems, and in 1996 the first public version was presented. It was assumed that the key condition for its functioning would be the principle of “write once and use anywhere.” And so it happened: this programming language was suitable for most popular platforms. It turned out to be quite safe and secure, guaranteeing limited access to files and the network. Therefore, major browsers were soon able to implement their plugins. Such software is compatible with everything from game consoles to data centers and laptops to supercomputers. Gradually it became popular.

For the first time after the appearance of the new software product was called Oak. He received this name in honor of the real oak that grew near the office of James Gosling. Then the utility was renamed to Green and then to Java. Yes, the similarity with the name of the coffee is not accidental because the creators gave it the name of one of the varieties of Arabica, which grows in Indonesia, located on the island of Java. This connection can also be seen in the visual identity since the main and only element of the logo is a coffee cup with a hot drink. There are two variants of the emblem in total.

What is Java?

Java is a high-level programming language officially launched in 1996. Its development began in 1991 and was associated with the functionality of household appliances but later switched to computer technology. The creator of this software is James Gosling. Version 18 was recently released (in 2022).

1996 – 2003

Java Logo 1996

The debut logo is a complete reflection of the name of the software. Even though the sphere associated with it concerns virtual machines, an elegant blue cup flaunts on the emblem. It consists of chaotic semicircular strokes that form one side of a miniature dish, a handle, and a saucer. A cloud of “steam” hovers above its surface, created by many small red lines. Such a palette indicates that the drink poured into the cup is hot and that it must be drunk before it cools down. Below is the name of the software, typed in a thin antiqua.

2003 – today

Java Logo

The blue cup of coffee with red steam has been preserved but has changed style. Designers have made it more recognizable and realistic. To do this, they reduced the number of strokes, using only three semicircular lines for the cup, two for the saucer on which it stands, and one for the handle. The rising steam is presented in the form of two winding bands. The text at the bottom of the picture has also changed: it has become a little lighter and has received a grotesque instead of an antiqua.

Font and Colors

Java Symbol

The updated name of the Java programming language and the coffee cup are a tribute to its creators, who, in the process of intensive work, drank a lot of coffee before they achieved what they wanted. And since the drink was made from coffee beans of this particular variety, the project finally received such a name, replacing the temporary versions of Oak and Green. After the redesign, the authors kept the previous logo, making thin outlines bold.

For the inscription in the original Java logo, a typeface was first chosen, close to Junicode Regular but with a more elongated “J” stem. In the second logo, preference is given to a bold grotesque with a slightly twisted “v.” It resembles Merriweather Sans Regular by Sorkin Type Co. The corporate palette is more stable. It contains two colors: red (steam, name) and blue (cup, saucer). In some cases, a blue-yellow design option is used.

Java color codes

Air Force BlueHex color:#5283a2
RGB:82 131 162
CMYK:49 19 0 36
Pantone:PMS 7459 C
Orange PeelHex color:#f89917
RGB:248 153 23
CMYK:0 38 91 3
Pantone:PMS 1495 C