Juniper’s design energizes and energizes the natural world

Juniper Logo

Juniper, Australia’s telemedicine clinic, was founded in 2021. It is a specific community focused on finding solutions for women entering menopause. Accredited trusted physicians, who represent Juniper’s powerful team, develop unique approaches for each patient. They work to refine your plan of care, create hormonal and non-hormonal treatment protocols and implement therapy in the form of capsules, gels, and creams.

The Juniper brand itself is directly related to a larger organization, Eucalyptus, a healthcare technology company that creates digital opportunities for patients. There is a special focus on male and female fertility, sexual well-being, and telehealth for skincare.

Eucalyptus’ in-house team of creative designers developed the Juniper brand identity.

Juniper New Logo

Brand development began with naming, which defined the whole further creative vector. Juniper represents inspiration, persistence, strength, determination because it is an evergreen plant, which looks fragile but is very resistant to external factors. Perfectly illustrates the personality of a woman – seemingly weak but strong character, seemingly external vulnerability, but a powerful potential hidden inside. It is also in tune with the nature of the business itself.

We wanted to convey the idea to rethink the plant element and introduce exactly the bright, positive images in combination with natural organic colors in the corporate identity.

The set of the identity, which was presented by the creative team, contains elements of Australian flora, which denote the symptoms of menopause and hand-drawn female figures symbolizing the diversity of body shapes. Dots, berries, leaves, and flowing lines are the conceptual basis of Juniper’s design. The key information about the products is conveyed unobtrusively, uniquely, and without a hint of negative experiences in this difficult period of a woman.

Juniper Emblem

The logo, which has become the image highlight of the brand, is quite simple and laconic; at the same time, it blends well with the other elements. Therefore, we can say that on the whole, the icon is very harmonious and does not cause any cognitive dissonance because of the constituent elements. There is a balance in color, shapes, contours.

Overall, the logo is typographic lettering; it is minimalistic and memorable. In it, you could say, “breathes” nature itself. It was decided to emphasize the letter I, change its shape by adding a leaf instead of a dot. A nice shade of green is the leading color throughout the design, design of digital media. The logo’s font is very smooth, does not cause an imbalance in the perception, and does not create an unpleasant impression.

Creatives have developed an effective design, which does not hint that the brand lifts the veil of mystery – the basics of women’s health, a period that is quite difficult to experience for every representative of the weaker sex. These are positive images that form the company’s identity in a joyful, reassuring mood, giving perspective and confidence in solving problems.

Quality design, competent design, correct positioning of the brand promise success in the market, and women will be happy to seek help in the clinic, which approaches the issue of their health and well-being with such attention.